69 La Trik

Crypto DeFi NFT newsletter dExplain happy chinese new year 69 la trik

Happy Chinese New Year! The Bull year has officially started.

Sorry about the provocative title this time we celebrate the 69th issue of our newsletter.

Hold your positions, don’t get jealous when other coins do +50%, stick to your fundamental analysis. Don’t try jumping from coin to coin, enjoy the ride. We are all gonna make it this year!

Crypto News

  • Solana: Inflation has now been enabled on the mainnet, meaning SOL holders can start delegating their tokens to validators to earn rewards.
  • API3: Announced a partnership with Harmony, where their decentralized API network will be natively integrated into the blockchain. Good news for projects developing on Harmony. Find our review of the API3 network here.
  • Bitcoin: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Jay Z have started a $23.6 million fund towards future BTC development/adoption, ideally in Africa and India. 

DeFi News

  • Bella Protocol: Announced it will launch a program to burn BEL tokens, part of the protocol’s profits will be used for automated buybacks via Uniswap. Read our full review on BEL token here.
  • DexMex: An upcoming peer to peer leverage trading protocol built on top of Uniswap. Presale for DEXM tokens starts tomorrow, read our full review here.
  • DegenScore: Andre Cronje released something new called Atomic Blue where Beta access is determined by your wallet’s past DeFi actions. Go check your score!
  • Swipe Wallet: Is integrating the APY rates in their Savings feature with interest rates on Venus Protocol. A great way of combining CeFi with DeFi for easy onboarding!
  • Kylin Network: Announced a strategic partnership with Certik for an additional layer of security via their Shield and auditing services. Plans include collaboration around data and analytic markets. Check out our review of KYL here.
  • Fractal Protocol: This is an open-source protocol built on Polkadot that defines a basic standard for exchanging user information, think of it as a way for the DeFi economy to adhere to KYC/AML regulations. The team released their tokenomics today and is already partnered with several Polka projects.
  • Swirge Network: This decentralized social media, marketplace and payments protocol has moved its development to Binance Smart Chain. Users can farm CAKE via Pancakeswap with the SWGB-BNB pair.
  • Value DeFi: The multi-suite DeFi platform with vaults, algorithmic stablecoin, and automated market maker announced it is now building on Binance Smart Chain also.
  • HydraDx: A project building multi-headed liquidity pools for the Polkadot ecosystem finished their HDX Balancer LBP (initial token sale) finished in a matter of hours.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


Dreams go beyond space and time.

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