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Newsletter #4

Get ready for September! Last day of August, time to calculate your profits and prepare your next positions. Or how much liquidity you’re going lock with SushiSwap? Bitcoin aims for another run at 12k, and there is talk of another Ethereum rally, though everyone is looking at Algorand!

FTX’s Serum DeFi DEX powered by Solana is Live

FTX's new Serum DeFi decentralized exchange powered by Solana is now live. Featuring full interoperability with Ethereum and Bitcoin.
solana powered serum dex by FTX is live

Yield Farmers Devour Sushiswap: $250 Million Locked

yield farmers defi craze continues with sushiswap
The DeFi summer craze is far from over as yield farmers devour Sushiswap on the menu. Within 24 hours, over $250M was locked up in the protocol.

A week in Algorand: All we do is win?

Algorand's announcements during the past week are increasingly bullish for ALGO as they enter the DeFi space. Surely you didn't miss them?
a week of positive news for algorand, all we do is win

Lamden Mainnet Launch is Around the Corner

the python blockchain mainnet launch lamden is just around the corner
Lamden mainnet launches 16th September. The python blockchain lowers the entry bar for devs, enabling quick and powerful dapp development.

Also take note

  • Coti Network: recently announced a DeFi-fiat on ramp called COTI-X which can be used for any liquidity pool on Uniswap. Also just released a new version of their wallet Coti Pay Viper.
  • Synthetix: SNX has a new branding and visual identity, along with listing perpetual contracts on MCDEX.
  • Elrond Token Swap: Deposits, withdrawals, and trading for ERD are now frozen on Binance to prepare for the eGLD swap.
  • Swipe Network: mainnet launched on Friday 28th August, which enables SXP holders to stake on chain for higher returns.
  • Qtum: hard fork was successful and now cold staking is live.

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