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A new day, with new projects – spot the difference? Yeah that’s what we thought. Its becoming increasingly difficult to find innovation in the space. Maybe it is time for some fresh ideas, what do you think?

Will Polkastarter be bigger than Uniswap?

will polkastarter be bigger than uniswap
Polkastarter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for cross-chain token pools, built on Polkadot. Decentralized finance (DeFi) products have made huge leaps, with many successful projects such as Uniswap or Aave. Protocols are trading or locking up billions of USD value in cryptocurrency. For the first time, we are starting to see a future of crypto which is not just deposits on centralized exchanges. Yet the rapid growth has brought along notable scalability problems. Especially on Ethereum, with network fees and slowness, driving users back to CEXs.

Enter Polkastarter. Polkastarter is the next step for innovating DeFi, one where projects embrace interoperability between blockchains. Meaning they are not just operating on a single network. Polkastarter will power cross-chain token pools and auctions by leveraging the power of the Polkadot network. As a result, the platform can provide faster and cheaper transactions while remaining connected to the Ethereum network (or other blockchains) for liquidity.

Will Polkastarter eclipse Uniswap? Polkastarter is not another food theme DeFi clone that has copied Uniswap smart contracts. The platform will enable the token pools to have several different types of swaps: fixed ratio swaps, dynamic ratio swaps, dutch auctions, and even sealed-bid auctions. You will even be able to create private pools with passwords.
Raise capital… With the new token pool features and cross-chain transfers built-in, Polkastarter can become an industry leader for raising capital in a decentralized/fair launch environment. Decentralized token offerings do happen on Uniswap, but if you’re not quick then you will miss the best price.
  • The platform also has a native utility and governance token POLS. Token holders will be able to vote on product features, as the platform intends to be governed by its community.
Token use case and value… POLS tokenomics have been designed to ensure the token’s price is correlated to platform usage. Because it is not only a governance token. Traders will need to pay transaction fees in POLS for swapping tokens. Additionally, there is a requirement for pool creators to hold POLS tokens.

Double Farming with SashimiSwap

sashimiswap offers double farming
You may have labeled SwashimiSwap as another DeFi food-themed clone, and not given it another look. That would be a mistake. The Aelf development team has been busy adding innovative features to ensure maximum capital efficiency. Users can now enjoy double farming, earning SASHIMI and UNI, by staking one LP token to SashimiSwap.

Double Farming, Double Rewards. SashimiSwap aims to solve a painful issue with AMM-based decentralized exchanges: many times locked up capital is sitting there idly. It is great to have millions of USD value in a liquidity pool, but there is only so much capital needed to meet the current demand for token swaps.
The answer, according to SashimiSwap, is to put that idle capital to work and generate additional returns for its users. Effectively, the platform is combining the best features of Yearn Finance and Uniswap under one banner.

Asset management feature… called SashimiSwap Investment, the feature uses idle assets in the pools to obtain additional income via a DeFi vault product. Vaults are products to optimize your yield farming, popularized by YFI token. They automatically locates the DeFi protocol with the highest returns to make the most money.
Sashimi buyback… All returns that the protocol generates through managing the idle assets in liquidity pools will buy back SASHIMI tokens. The idea is to create a positive feedback loop for boosting the token’s value. Furthermore, 75% of the SASHIMI bought back will go straight into the Sashimi Bar Contract. This means that users who stake their SASHIMI will receive extra profit through the buyback tokenomics. Additionally, the remaining 25% is destroyed permanently, which makes SASHIMI a deflationary token.

What is Flamingo Finance? DeFi platform powered by NEO

What is Flamingo Finance? DeFi platform on NEO blockchain
What is Flamingo Finance? A complete DeFi platform powered by NEO, offering token swaps, money markets, leverage trading, and rewards in FLM tokens.

Interview with Vite Labs

vite interview with Richard Yan discussing DAG based smart contract platform and how ViteX enables zero fee trading
Interview with Richard Yan from Vite Labs, discussing how Team Vite operates, benefits of trading with zero fees on ViteX, and growing community excitement around Vite Gateway 2.0 upgrades.

Also take note

  • Minex: a new DeFi protocol being built on Binance Smart Chain, aims to combine yield farming with collaborative mining.
  • Avalanche: this blockchain is building the internet of finance, whatever that means, check them out.
  • Swipe Wallet: revealed a new product for their existing Visa cards, enabling users to access DeFi loans and spend the funds directly.
  • DFI Money: launched a new farming project in collaboration with Meet One wallet. Users can stake YFII tokens to earn additional rewards in MEFI.
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