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Tron DeFi about to explode?

You might finally be able to enjoy your weekend as Bitcoin trades positively this Friday. In our latest newsletter, we continue exploring the world of Crypto Art and Collectibles while also taking a look at a new prediction market dApp PreSaga. Meanwhile, DeFi enthusiasts and yield farmers set their sights on conquering Tron. Enjoy your weekend!

BitGo will bring Wrapped BTC and ETH to Tron DeFi

Tron DeFi eyes explosive growth with wrapped bticoin WBTC and ethereum
Tron DeFi eyes explosive growth as key partnership with BitGo will bring cross chain solutions for Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Ethereum.

SuperRare has earned artists over $2M since launch

SuperRare is a growing NFTs collectibles decentralized marketplace for unique crypto art
SuperRare has earned artists over $2M since launch. Growing demand from collectors for unique crypto collectibles is powering a whole new era for digital art. One that is secured by non-fungible tokens.

Meridian Network announces Prediction Market dApp

meridian network announces new predicition market dapp called PreSaga
Meridian Network, the DeFi platform governed by its LOCK token holders, has announced a new Prediction Market dApp called PreSaga. Plans to use escrow via TrustSwap and Chainlink oracles.

What is OpenSea? Crypto Collectibles Marketplace

What is OpenSea? Crypto Collectibles Marketplace
What is OpenSea? A decentralized exchange to buy crypto collectibles, trade non-fungible tokens, crypto art. Creators can monetize their work easily, collectors can trade securely.

Also take note

  • Ankr: Countdown has started to releasing Stkr Protocol, which Ankr aims to launch by the end of October.
  • Harmony: Published a roadmap to achieving cross-chain and cross-exchange pools, good news for ONE holders.
  • Akrolopis: New listing for AKRO token, now available on Serum DEX. A sign Akrolopis may be looking to migrate to Solana if high Ethereum gas fees continue.
  • Liquality: Cross-chain crypto trading is getting easier with Liquality, no account required and no trading fees.

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