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After our recent poll, the community has asked for more DeFi and NFT content.
Well, you got it!

It today’s edition: learn about rare Pepemon NFTs, experience retro-Japan-themed DeFi at Doki Doki Finance, smart crypto index funds with Axia Protocol, and farming on BSC with Narwhalswap.

What is Pepemon Finance? Gotta Farm em All!

What is Pepemon Finance? A DeFi platform for NFT mining for crypto collectibles that mash together memes, pepes, and pokemons.
Pepemon Finance is a DeFi farming platform to earn non-fungible tokens featuring artwork inspired from a mashup between memes, pepes, and pokemon. Essentially, it is an NFT mining project much like Don’t Buy Meme or Grap Finance.

What is Pepemon Finance? Meant to be the very best, like no one ever was.
what is pepemon finance? farm all the NFT DeFi pokemon inspired crypto art
A platform that brings together DeFi staking and NFT farming with an alternative universe where all the rare Pepes of the world are Pokemons. The platform’s native token PPBLZ was entirely distributed by airdrops to 300 users - known as Trainers. Users can stake PPBLZ on the platform to earn PPDEX, which are non-transferable point tokens used to farm NFTs. Essentially, you can only earn PPDEX via staking PPBLZ as you cannot buy it directly.

Furthermore, the artwork itself looks great and VERY trend/crypto-friendly. As in the community may go into a frenzy to acquire these Pepemon NFTs. As they will be tradable on open markets such as OpenSea or Rarible - it will be very interesting to watch the price of the crypto collectibles.

Blockchain Card Game… though there is no confirmed roadmap, it appears that the end goal is to build a Pepemon card game. This would probably resemble a game such as Gods Unchained with Pokemon Card Game rules. If the dev team can pull it off, it will be great to see (and fun to play!).
  • One thing to note is the total supply of PPBLZ is very low, only 14,000 - meaning if the project gains traction the upward price momentum will come very quickly.
What is pepemon finance? Rare trainer.
Liquidity Mining Program… Currently, you can earn more PPDEX if you provide PPBLZ-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and stake the LP token. Meaning if you’re happy to be a liquidity provider you will be able to earn more NFTs in the long run.

Doki Doki Finance and DOKI token Review

what is doki doki finance
Doki Doki Finance is a DeFi protocol focusing on building a full suite of products that capture sustainable and long term value for its users. DOKI tokens reward participants of the ecosystem through staking, along with providing token holders governance rights.

What is Doki Doki Finance? Doki Doki in Japanese refers to the sound of a heart beating quickly, usually for the excitement of what's to come. Which is why you find a unique retro-Japan inspired interface on their website. The team aims to develop products presented in a stylish way that will provide a Doki Doki feeling for users!
Doki Doki finance theme
Currently, the main product is DStake which distributes DOKI tokens via 4 different pools. The bulk of the rewards go out to the two DOKI staking pools which the protocol considers higher risk.
doki doki APY pools
This design choice intends to avoid a market collapse via unsustainable APYs that attract whale farmers into early dumping. Many DeFi platforms offer high APYs for very low-risk pairs such as $ETH/$USDC or $WBTC/DAI. However, Doki Doki aims to create a loyal community of DOKI holders and liquidity providers.

DOKI Tokenomics. There is a fixed total supply of 50,000 and most of the tokens will be distributed by the staking pools. As a result, there should not be any concerns about over emission or infinite inflation using this platform. Additionally, the protocol halves the daily rewards emission every two weeks. Meaning 99% of DOKI’s supply will distribute within the next 5 months.
DOKI token distribution
The important part to understand about the DOKI tokenomics is the TAX feature present in the token’s smart contract. This resembles a burn feature upon selling, but the tokens go into the treasury. Currently, this is set to zero, however, once the decentralized treasury is live token holders could vote to set a tax. Essentially, the idea is to use the TAX feature to collect development funds and remain sustainable long term.

Looking to the future. Note that the project is only in Phase 1 of its development, so there are a lot of future upgrades to look forward to. Let’s take a quick look at what's to come in Doki Doki Finance.
  • DTreasury: this will be a decentralized development fund for ecosystem grants, governed by token holders. The interesting part is the treasury acquires funding by taxing any DOKI sells.
  • NFTs: given the unique theme, non-fungible tokens in the form of retro collectibles should prove very popular. The team states this will follow an NFT mining model inspired by Don’t Buy Meme.
  • DSwap: no DeFi suite would be complete without its own automated market maker. Excitingly, the team mentions new hidden features that will set them apart from SushiSwap or Uniswap.
  • Second Token: Users can also look forward to farming a second token by staking DOKI, which will have an elastic supply much like BASED or VAMP.
  • DBank: this product will resemble vaults enabling users to earn yield from depositing stablecoins. It will also include a decentralized insurance system.
Once the full suite of DeFi products is up and running, there should be a massive amount of value flowing into the Doki Doki ecosystem. All coming back to DOKI holders!

What is Axia Protocol? Decentralized Crypto Index Fund

what is axia protocol
Axia Protocol is a DeFi platform that combines a crypto index fund with yield farming opportunities. The idea is to enable users to easily invest in trending blockchain projects along with daily rewards in AXIA tokens. Essentially, Axia Protocol is attempting to build a platform suitable for retail crypto investors and yield farmers alike.

What is Axia Protocol? A major problem in cryptocurrency is there are just so many different types of projects, use cases, and tokens. As an investor, you can quickly become overwhelmed and lost in a sea of projects that often resemble each other closely. Axia Protocol creates two index funds that track the performances of two major blockchain trends: Oracles and DeFi assets. As a result, users can hold the fund tokens ATF to gain exposure to a basket of assets. Furthermore, the index funds use Balancer pools in the backend meaning holders also earn fees from any swaps going through the pools.
What is AXIA Protocol? Ecosystem DeFi decentralized crypto index fund diagram.
We find the following assets in Axia’s index funds:
  • Oracle Fund (Balancer pool): AXIA, LINK, TRB, BAND, ZAP
  • DeFi Fund (Balancer pool): AXIA, ETH, COMP, SNX, BAL
  • Swap Fund (Uniswap Pool): AXIA, ETH
Currently, there is no mention in the Whitepaper of additional index funds being created. However, the creation of a riskier low cap DeFi index fund could be a great addition.

AXIA Liquidity Mining. Not only can you save time and energy by investing via Axia Protocol, but you can also earn AXIA tokens in rewards. You can access the liquidity mining programs via the staking dashboard. Each index fund has its liquidity mining program to earn rewards from daily AXIA emissions. Furthermore, users who do not want to take any additional exposure can stake AXIA tokens as a single asset.
Staking to earn additional AXIA tokens.
Important to note that stakers providing liquidity to the ETH-AXIA Uniswap pool share 45% of the daily emissions. Whereas the fund stakers share 25% and lone stakers 5%. Meaning if you are happily taking the risk of impermanent loss you could potentially earn a lot more rewards.

AXIA Tokenomics. The emission schedule is planned for over 5 years, where it halves every 180 days. There is no infinite inflation with AXIA token as it has an initial total supply of 3,800,000. To remain sustainable long term the protocol takes 5% of the daily rewards and sends them back to the emission contract. Currently, these tokens are taken out of circulation as the emission contract will not touch them until after the initial emission schedule.

Additionally, the Lone Staker pool incurs a 1% unstaking fee which the protocol sends to the burn address. Which means AXIA token is also deflationary.

Another interesting part of this project is continuous arbitrage trading. Because AXIA tokens are listed in both index funds which are Balancer pools and the Uniswap pool. Essentially, there is a lot of opportunities to make a profit between the difference in price as the Balancer pools have other underlying assets in them also.

Note that the project is currently going through an independent security audit by Solidity Finance - so pending the report, it may be a great time to become an Axian!

What is Narwhalswap? Automated Market Maker on BSC

what is narwhalswap defi farming liquidity AMM on binance smart chain
Narwhalswap is an Automated Market Maker on Binance Smart Chain. It offers users liquidity mining rewards in NAR tokens for staking assets in pools. Much like Pancakeswap or Cream Finance, the project is embracing the faster and cheaper transactions found on BSC.

What is Narwhalswap? First, let’s visit the name because it is a clever jab at Uniswap on Ethereum. Essentially the team is saying because the Unicorn is not a real creature, Uniswap is not living in reality. Meaning that Uniswap cannot truly exist because the Ethereum network is congested and slow due to high transaction costs. Whereas the Narwhal looks like a Unicorn and does exist in the ocean - where it thrives!
The team is saying that It's not feasible for a DeFi platform to scale on Ethereum. However, in Binance Smart Chain’s ocean, the possibilities are endless. Hence the name Narwhalswap. At its core, it is an AMM protocol, that enables users to pool funds and stake LP tokens to earn rewards in NAR tokens.

What is NAR token? Narwhal Protocol Token (NAR) aims to provide long term sustainability to the DeFi platform. As a result, NAR token provides holders with voting rights and also equity. Essentially, the team wants to avoid the project collapsing because whale farmers received too many rewards. Currently, the DeFi landscape is filling up with projects that rose very high and then abruptly dropped down to near zero value. There is no infinite inflation with NAR as the total supply is fixed at 21,000,000 NAR.
There is also a 5% burn rate which happens when a user transfers NAR token. However, only 2.5% is destroyed, the other 2.5% is transferred to a dividend pool. In the future, NAR token holders will claim rewards from the dividend pool. Additionally, there are plans to enable users to pay swap fees in NAR tokens instead of the pool’s native token.

Sustainable Liquidity Mining. Narwhalswap does not take the typical approach to liquidity mining, as the team aims to provide a long term ecosystem for farmers. Their algorithm promotes more participants to start staking and providing liquidity, as it aims to keep the reward distribution fair. This is done by calculating a user’s NARPOWER, which takes into account Total Amount Staked and Amount of Staked Days. Essentially, the protocol puts users into different categories: Tiny, Common, Huge. It resembles the approach by DEGO Finance on Ethereum, a design that ensures a whale farmer does not eat up a lot of the pool’s share of rewards.
what is narwhalswap? unique AMM on BSC
Additionally, 10% of every user’s rewards go into the protocol’s dividend pool which will be distributed to NAR holders. In this way, there is another incentive for holding NAR tokens long term and not immediately dumping them.

Looking to the future. The idea is to promote building a sustainable ecosystem because the team knows there are still not that many projects building on Binance Smart Chain. With this model, Narwhalswap will still be a viable liquidity mining platform to assist projects launching on BSC further down the line.
Additionally there are a lot of upcoming releases on their roadmap such as NFT mining and programmable DeFi liquidity. If you believe DeFi on BSC will be massive in the future, then being an early adopter of NAR today could be a great move!

Also take note

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