We offer a range of advertising services suitable for all cryptocurrency projects, blockchain products, and more. Below you can find several campaign examples, with unique content by our in-house writers. We know every campaign is different, so if you are unsure of what you need for results – get in touch below. Our team will be happy to explain which services are right for you, and go into pricing.

Banner Ads

Banners on dExplain are available in different sizes on the top of the main page, within article pages or on the within the news feed. This is the most convenient way to raise your brand awareness within the cryptocurrency industry. Given we have a high quality audience of readers that are very interested in everything crypto related, banners are the best way to drive a targeted audience to your own website or application.

Price Analysis

Our most popular type of content is articles featuring price analysis, thus they guarantee wide exposure. These types of articles outline easy to follow scenarios on why your project can grow positively to attract a lot of attention to your brand. Such as showing your use case is in demand and trending on the market, highlighting upcoming milestones on your roadmap, or comparing your product to its competitors.

Sponsored price analysis articles will advise our readers that your coin or token has been featured for promotional reasons, but that it does not affect the analysis itself.

Project Review

Your project will feature in a unique piece of content explaining exactly how it works. We can go into detail of your background, what you are building and why. A deep dive into your product’s mission. Or if you prefer we can keep it short and breezy, focusing on one element, such as a new dApp you released. Explanatory journalism meets native advertising – the perfect article for sharing across social media.

Sponsored Article

We can also provide you with press release services. A news story about your company, such as a merger, major product release or successful hard fork. We can write this for you, or you can provide us with your own content to publish.

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