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Newsletter #3

Friday feelings! Watch out for market volatility today as we near another bloodbath weekend of BTC trading. Altcoins appear unfazed with lots of positive news throughout the ecosystem, learn more below!

Also take note

  • DeFiDollar: Yield farmers may want to check out the DeFiDollar (DUSD), a new DeFi stablecoin backed by an index of stablecoins. Can be used as a hedge against volatility and earn rewards in CRV and SNX tokens.
  • Qtum hard fork: the mainnet upgrade to enable cold staking is only a couple hundred blocks away. Traders make sure you have checked your QTUM positions!
  • YFI listed on Aave: the price of Yearn.finance YFI just soared to 18k after Aave announced the asset would be listed.
  • Swipe Network: investors are watching SXP announcements closely, a big reveal is planned for 21:00 UTC.