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Just two weeks until Christmas! Now you face the dilemma: buy presents or buy the dip? It’s times like these where it’s always good to have that rainy day fund lying around! Meanwhile, Lil Yachty’s social token sold out in just 21 minutes, holders can buy conversations with the rapper and surprise boxes from his mom… yep. 

In Today’s Edition: check out our first look at API3 token, the project taking an alternative approach to the oracle problem. And if you’re starting to get scared with all the recent DeFi exploits, don’t worry, Cover Protocol is here.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing on OpenSea to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or audio.

Tropical Equation

The figure in frame needs no introduction. Enjoy the sun while you still can.

No Internet Today

Audio & Visual NFT Collaboration

“Awakened” Alexander Salnikov

The Head of Product and Genius Co Founder of Rarible is now awakened!

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