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Having a bad day? It could be worse, you didn’t get liquidated for $7.11M in a single order on BitMex – did you? So chin up! After all, it’s Friday, and the weekend looks to be green.

We have started a discord server for the dExplain community, come join us. Idea is to share news, trading ideas, chat about your favorite farming strategies, and more.

Crypto News

  • MiamiSouth Beach, bringin the heat… The mayor announced the city will start accepting cryptocurrency for payments as early as next week. 
  • Chainlink: Word on the street is Grayscale is coming after your Linkies. This week alone the investment firm reported buying $1,276,147,151 in Bitcoin. So make sure your LINK bag is secure. 
  • Elrond: EGLD now has oracle price feeds powered by Band Protocol. Very positive milestone for attracting builders to the network, so expect DeFi platforms announcing launches soon enough. The team also announced a partnership with Ramp Network to facilitate more fiat onboarding options for users.

DeFi News

  • Typhoon Cash: A new privacy protocol for yield-bearing assets on Ethereum launched yesterday. Read our full review on PHOON token here.
  • 0x_B1: The pseudo-anonymous DeFi whale, who is thought to hold at least 1% of all DeFi assets was interviewed by The Defiant. Interesting read, check it out!
  • StakeDAO: If you’ve ever participated in governance for DeFi protocols such as Pickle, Yearn, or Uniswap then you may have some SDT tokens waiting for you. StakeDAO is a multi-service DeFi platform that aims to help connect the whole ecosystem.
  • Sponge Finance: A high yield passive hold token, inspired by Reflect Finance, has launched on Binance Smart Chain. There is a 5% transfer fee that is automatically redistributed to all holders. Check it out!
  • SUSHI: imToken Wallet integrated Sushiswap as a liquidity source for swaps in their decentralized exchange Tokenlon. This is one of the biggest wallet providers in China with over 10 million users, potentially a big boost for trading volume on Sushiswap.
  • Catnip Exchange: The first sports markets are now live, meaning you can enter decentralized bets on NFL games. Catnip is powered by Augur prediction markets, read through our article to learn more.
  • Pickle Finance: Announced the performance fees for various jars for staking Sushiswap pairs have been dropped. Great news for PICKLE token farmers.
  • ParaSwap: You can sign up to test out the next version of the DEX aggregator. The team announced they will deploy new smart contracts soon that will feature numerous upgrades. So far no hints at what they may be, stay tuned!
  • Router Protocol: the protocol built for efficient cross-chain liquidity routing has integrated Ethereum and Matic Network, along with launching its farming for its native ROUTE token. Known as the spacefarm

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


NFT News