Bags Packed?

And Biden’s money printer goes Brr Brr! Don’t forget 40% of US dollars were printed over the last 12 months. What the Feds are doing currently has been seen time and time again in history, and the outcome has never been pretty. We can point to Zimbabwe, Venezuela, or 1921 Weimar Germany to see how unchecked inflation can lead to worse economic conditions.

This week we saw several massive DeFi hacks, Poly Network exploited for $600M (which the hacker later returned) and then DAO Maker was hacked for $7M. Not many details on the latter one yet. And analysts are pointing out that the NFT bubble is just a money-laundering scam for the rich.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue the pump! Recommend watching these resistance levels closely over the weekend, BTC: $48,300-$49,100 and ETH: $3500-$3600 – that’s where things will get really interesting.

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