On-chain metrics are showing whales are loving this BTC price range and continue to accumulate, and a senior Bloomberg analyst believes the price is discounted with a target of $100k more likely than $20k. Plus over the last few days, we’ve seen spot buying lead, with Coinbase trading at a premium, usually a very good indication that a sizable entity is buying.

All signs that the bottom is in? Or do you think the Death Cross is coming? Come chat and let us know what you think in our discord

An interesting thread popped up on Twitter regarding Binance potentially being in trouble due to Bitcoin’s price crash causing billions in liquidations, resulting in their insurance fund being bled dry. More FUD? More than likely, but with many DeFi options available for stablecoins and also other major exchanges doing lending (recommend FTX), it might be smart to split up your funds – just in case!

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