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While some of us are still recovering from Bloody Valentine’s day, others are celebrating a $50k break-out. Congrats! 

Bullish: On a macro level it’s kinda hard to make a correct prediction, if BTC keeps printing little bull flags then you can expect Alts to follow. Michael Saylor reaffirmed his message to CFOs to buy Bitcoin, claiming it’s a superior asset to gold.

Bearish: Shorting from here may look appealing, but given over-leveraged greed and choppy market conditions… it’s probably safer to diversify and buy the stock of companies who are buying crypto. Or set some low bids on spot in case of a dip. Take a look at mTSLA/UST farm on Pancakeswap, or maybe get some Paypal? 

You decide!

Crypto News

  • Bitcoin: The price of BTC has gone over $51,000 reaching a new all-time high. We will have to see how the next 24 hours pan out, right now it looks like 50k has been officially flipped into support.
  • Aleph: Announced integrations for Solana into their cross-chain decentralized cloud database platform. This means any DApp built on Solana, such as Serum DEX, can fully decentralize its stack.
  • Ethereum: Coinbase users will soon be able to stake ETH on the beacon chain to earn ETH2 rewards, which should be roughly 7.5% APR. Meanwhile Grayscale keeps buying more, could demand outstrip supply?

DeFi News

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


The word Libertad means freedom in Spanish…

NFT News

  • Cometh: The DeFi powered game with yield generating NFTs, announced they’ve partnered with Aavegotchi. Planned collaboration is around liquidity mining programs and scaling onto Matic Network’s layer2 solution. 
  • Splyt Core: This project is building NFT infrastructure for e-commerce and DeFi markets, powered by Polkadot. Their roadmap includes replacing SKUs with NFTs to improve supply chains. IDO is happening on Paid Network, don’t miss out.
  • B20: This token enables you to own a share of Metapalooza, which is a bundle of many rare NFTs from various artists. Seems to be flying under the radar despite launching in January, total supply is capped at 10M, might be worth checking out!
  • NTFX: You can now trade five different types of CryptoPunk NFT index funds on Sushiswap, powered by NFTX.
  • CryptoSlam: Reported that over $100M+ in various NFTs and crypto-collectibles have been sold in the last 30 days. NBA Top Shot, a basketball card game, appears to be the strongest performing NFT marketplace with over $63M in sales.