Bounce or Pullback?

Cryptocurrency market trend is still unclear. Brave DeFi gamblers got back to buying discounted food tokens, while the more wary are waiting for Bitcoin to decide their trading strategy.

what is hakka finance and blackholeswap how to earn HAKKA tokens

What is Hakka Finance and BlackHoleSwap?

What is Hakka Finance? A DAO building a whole range of innovative DeFi products such as BlackHoleSwap. Learn how you can start earning HAKKA tokens through liquidity mining.

Also take note

  • Metal Pay: MTL is now available on Uniswap.
  • COTI: launches a liquidity mining program with an estimated 100% APR.
  • Binance Summit: don’t miss the World of DeFi event starting tomorrow, for new announcements.
  • Local Adoption: Binance is opening a new local exchange primarily for Turkey.
  • FlashSwap: Ankr has announced a new DeFi product that will support decentralized margin trading.