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Good morning. We were so busy trading that we missed our birthday cake. One year ago on February 7th, this project was born as a concept and the domain was registered. Originally we started as a Uniswap events parser that would identify new gems based on trading activity. This concept quickly transformed into something way more personalized. As you know one year in crypto is quite an achievement, but in our case this is just the beginning. 

Thank you for staying with us and reading our thoughts and ideas. Happy birthday, dExplain!

Crypto News

  • Binance Smart Chain: More daily transactions now than Ethereum, pretty much proving low transaction fees will attract a lot more users and projects.
  • Elrond: Announced a partnership with Exeedme where the platform will start accepting payments via Maiar wallet. Crypto and eSports are growing ever closer!
  • Matic Network: Announced a rebranding to Polygon, aiming to become Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains kind of like Cosmos for tendermint chains. MATIC is up by over 80% in the last 24 hours, so the market welcomed the news.

DeFi News

  • Pankcakeswap: Now ranked number 2 by trading volume for decentralized exchanges. The platform’s native token CAKE price is up by over 500% in the last 14 days. Learn how to start farming CAKE today!
  • SushiSwap: More details coming out about BentoBox, a lending protocol developed by SushiSwap which aims to solve common problems found in Aave or Compound. Notably lower gas fees and lending pairs for any assets (self listing). Bullish news for SUSHI?
  • Beefy Finance: The automated yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain now has over 170 million in TVL. A huge milestone for the platform, and another bullish signal for BNB’s ecosystem. Just think how much BNB is being locked up in liquidity pools for DeFi.
  • Equilibrium: Announced a partnership with Curve Finance which will see the deployment of Curve’s automated market maker protocol on Equilibrium’s parachain on Polkadot.
  • OptionRoom: Is now partnered with Litentry, a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol. The idea is ROOM oracles will help ensure protocol participants remain honest.
  • QuarkChain: Confirmed plans to launch NFT and DeFi applications very soon after the completion of their mainnet 2.0 “BigBang” upgrade.
  • Ankr: Announced a partnership with Marlin Protocol to make DeFi trading more scalable and accessible. Marlin is described as a layer-0 superhighway that can improve the scalability of existing blockchain infrastructure.
  • Ren Protocol: Revealed the team is working with decentralized exchange LinkSwap to successfully integrate RenVM for instant cross-chain swaps. Expect DOGE, BTC, BCH, and ZEC listed on LinkSwap very soon.
  • GeoDataBlock: Announced it was working with Chainlink to deploy an oracle that will bring location data and location intelligence on-chain.
  • Shadow Network: An upcoming DeFi derivatives/synthetics platform being built on Polkadot. A sector we know already has a lot of attention around it. The token sale is going to happen on PAID’s ignition launchpad. Find the details here!
  • DODO DEX: The team released its updated tokenomics, called DODOnomics V2. Notably, two new use cases were introduced for DODO around crowdpooling and trading fee discounts. Read our review of DODO decentralized exchange here.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


Digital Future Mark II.

NFT News