Tron DeFi eyes explosive growth as key partnership with BitGo will bring cross chain solutions for Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Ethereum.

Yfv Finance launches Value Vaults. Yield aggregator products that automatically split funds into DeFi strategies for the best returns. Users will soon be able to farm UNI and SUSHI with one deposit.

Cream Finance burns 67.5% of CREAM total supply, price skyrockets by 130% during the process. In total, 6M CREAM tokens were melted!

Kava launches Harvest for cross-chain Yield Farming. As a DeFi lending platform, users can earn interest on their deposits and also liquidity rewards in HARD tokens.

Swipe Wallet’s showed us a sneak peek of Venus Protocol, their DeFi lending platform and dashboard powered by Binance Smart Chain. Let's take a look!

Mooniswap’s first exclusive token launch with xBTC. Social Capital and 1inch have announced a strategic partnership to launch a DeFi Altcoin index fund.

Uniswap launches UNI token and Liquidity Mining. You may have woke up to a 400 UNI airdrop, learn how to claim it here!

Yfv Finance launches VALUE token and Governance Vault staking is live. A new era for the team attempting to migrate liquidity from Balancer.

Yfv Finance plans to migrate liquidity from Balancer. YFV DeFi protocol will transition to Value Liquid and launch the VALUE token.

Cream Finance launches on Binance Smart Chain opening up the DeFi lending protocol to the Binance Ecosystem. That is over 400,000 users and 140 different fiat gateways!

SushiSwap's development funds returned. Chef Nomi returns the $14M worth of Eth taken from the project's dev funds. Expect SUSHI buyback!

Yearn Finance introduces StableCredit, a new DeFi lending protocol. YFI price surges following Coinbase Pro listing.