What is Pepemon Finance? A DeFi platform for NFT mining for crypto collectibles that mash together memes, pepes, and pokemons.

Aavegotchi’s GHST staking is live, start earning FRENS points which you can reedem for unique crypto collectibles in raffles.

Dracula Protocol audited and enters deflation phase. Dracula Token (DRC) is now being destroyed faster than minted. Plus the protocol has gone through two security reviews.

Bancor V2.1 upgrade will eliminates impermanent loss and enable single sided deposits. Stakers earn rewards in vBNT, the protocol's governance token.

Lido plans to make staked ETH 2.0 liquid for DeFi via use of the bETH token. Users will receive 1:1 their staked ETH and earn the rewards.

Hegic brings Liquidity Mining to DeFi Options Trading. Hegic v888 is live with new bidirectional liquidity pools for ETH and WBTC.

Catnip Exchange makes prediction markets usable. Make decentralized bets on Augur markets via simple Uniswap interface powered by Balancer.

Curve Finance reveals Layer 2 solution with zkSync which can scale all Ethereum DeFi smart contracts in a decentralized and secure way.

Dharma adds Uniswap limit order feature. Already Dharma users enjoy gas free trades, decentralized limit orders allow more control over price.

Value DeFi Protocol migrates $140M liquidity from Balancer. VALUE token holders stand to earn a percentage of trading fees from the new protocol.

PieDAO introduces DOUGH Liquidity Mining. Learn how to diversify through tokenized DeFi portfolios and start farming DOUGH tokens.

Crypto Wine with Grap Finance, a DeFi and NFT farming platform. Users earn GRAP tokens which let you mint crypto wine collectibles.