It appears the food inspired DeFi summer craze is heading for the compost heap! Top DeFi tokens have dumped over 50% in a week.

Trader makes 740 ETH from $200 investment, trading a buggy DeFi token known as SYFI. Soft Yearn finance is a fork project trying to copy Ampleforth, though it looks like they failed.

Latest SushiSwap update, did the creator Chef Nomi exit scam or was this a planned takeover by FTX? The plot thickens and the fish is rotten.

Kimchi DeFi farming token is looking delicious? New protocol locks up over $500 million within a couple of hours. The DeFi food inspired trend continues!

Cardano is building a DeFi Stablecoin on Ergo. Upcoming DeFi products will be announced, using the new Emurgo/Ergo decentralized oracle pools.

FTX's new Serum DeFi decentralized exchange powered by Solana is now live. Featuring full interoperability with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The DeFi summer craze is far from over as yield farmers devour Sushiswap on the menu. Within 24 hours, over $250M was locked up in the protocol.

Algorand's announcements during the past week are increasingly bullish for ALGO as they enter the DeFi space. Surely you didn't miss them?

Lamden mainnet launches 16th September. The python blockchain lowers the entry bar for devs, enabling quick and powerful dapp development.

Elrond's mainnet token swap is ready, ERD will migrate to eGold. The economic model of eGLD will enforce scarcity and drive adoption.

Bitcoin traders nervous as over 66K BTC worth of options due to expire later today. Market volatility inbound?

A new cross chain bridge aims to enable DeFi protocols and smart contracts on Ethereum to directly interact with Polkadot's ecosystem.