Day 7 – Going Up

dExplain trading marathon
  • Starting Balance: $1,400
  • Previous Balance: $2,992
  • Current Balance: $5,129

Sorry for the lack of updates lately on the marathon! To be fair with the markets turning bullish all around we did focus a bit on our personal trades. We did catch a couple of trades using the marathon account. Not really much to overthink in these markets, keep it simple and follow the trend.

Above is a pattern on the DOT-USDT 4H timeframe, though you can find it across all crypto markets as they get more bullish. Because you will see fewer pullbacks and more consolidation. Recommend learning the pattern and applying it before opening any position.

Bitcoin dominance is still dropping, now at the same levels we saw during the DeFi summer 2020. Expecting many altcoins to show massive strength over the next few weeks.


  • Cake Pool: $269
  • RAY-ETH: $312

Found this dashboard for monitoring Raydium farms called Step Finance.

Step Finance dashboard

Very cool to see analytics appearing on Solana so quickly. And CAKE has made back our loss on bDIGG, only up from here! dashboard


Most of our trades happened on Monday this week, which as we discussed in our newsletter, we correctly identified a bullish day. As a result, we spread out across several assets that showed strength. The idea was to catch one that would pull a +20-30% for the day, well that didn’t appear but we did make a profit. All good!

Not going to go through every setup, have been sharing ideas in discord, so be sure to join us.

A couple of thoughts to watch, our Litecoin position was off the back of the Weekly chart showing a squeeze.

This setup is still in play, and with LTC still 50% from its ATHs we can say it’s lagging in this bull market compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you’re looking for an easy trade to buy and hold on spot, then start accumulating LTC!

Cardano is still printing an ascending triangle on the daily timeframes, remember that pattern shown above? Currently, ADA is consolidating so expecting to see a dip before the uptrend continues. Setting up some bids for this would not be a bad idea.

Filecoin trade came off the back of a chart shared by one of our community members. Another reason to be in our discord!

Filecoin (FIL)

Looked great to me so dove in! Worked out smoothly, left it open overnight with a tight stop loss in case the downtrend continued.

For our loss, the Sushi entry was bad. Got a little over bullish with everything going up, and expected it to bounce. If we zoom out and look at the D1 trend, SUSHI is currently bearish after 5 months of uptrend momentum. Probably going to consolidate for some time?

Pretty sure it will get back into bullish gear with some new releases on the platform. Another trading idea to take a look over is Chromia (CHR). Early we noted it broke out of its consolidating downwards trend, might be ready for a weekend pump?

Good luck!