Depressed about Eth fees? Get rekt by Korean FUD

depressed about ethereum gas fees? Get rekt by Korean FUD

Markets are euphoric? Load the Korean FUD! Bitcoin dropped by 5% after news broke of Bithumb being investigating by Korean police causing numerous DeFi tokens to drop by 50%. Hope you survived.

Also take note

  • Adoption: Pornhub now accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin to pay for premium services.
  • Vite Labs: The fifth hard fork for VITE is now complete, you can trade stablecoins with zero fees conversion on ViteX.
  • ERD to eGLD: Elrond token swap is underway, Binance has already completed the swap and trading will launch on September 3rd.
  • Ankr: supporting Binance Smart Chain launch, with one click node deployment.