Dies Lunae

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Did you know Monday in Latin, dies lunae, would translate to “Day of the Moon”? New week, new opportunities, new moons! And more coffee, all makes sense.

The US labor market data that came out last week was worse than expected, however, this could be seen as a good thing for Bitcoin. Given the negative data, the feds will probably keep their current monetary policy in place. Meaning the markets will continue to operate in this inflationary environment, so what we should keep our eyes on for the macro trend mover is treasury yields. The price of Bitcoin and US 10-year treasury yield should be seen as correlated assets.

This week, we have the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) report which drives the US10y and we also have the treasury bond auction. So expect volatility on Wednesday! If the market is happy with both outcomes, then we could see BTC price move quickly to its next highs.

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Bancor: Announced a fiat on-ramp is now live powered by Mercuryo, enables users to buy ETH and other cryptocurrencies with their bank cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Good move for DeFi adoption!  
  • Curve: You can now farm stkAave rewards using the aToken pools, this is a great stablecoin strategy that lets you farm CRV and STKAAVE. For example, first you deposit DAI into Aave, and then you would deposit aDAI into Curve. Learn more about farming CRV tokens in our full review here.
  • Value DeFi: Looks like they’re the new bZx Protocol with the platform suffering a third exploit. The hacker then used the stolen funds to perform the same exploit on Rari Capital. The first cross-chain attack?
  • Cream Finance: Launched a new feature on BSC to enable protocol-to-protocol lending between partners such as Yearn or Alpha. Essentially, this is very similar to the Iron Bank on Ethereum, and should improve protocol capital efficiency on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Syrup: Upcoming project on Solana to research, the first Meta Automated Market Maker. From our understanding, Syrup will act more like a DEX aggregator to route the best possible trade through the order books of Serum, Orca, or Raydium.
  • StakeDAO: Mentioned farming on Polygon for low gas fees in our last newsletterStakeDAO’s passive stablecoin yield strategy is around ~64% APY and is 100% automated. Remember our tip of using AscendEx as a bridge to the Polygon network!
  • Beefy Finance: Added a mCOIN-UST vault which is currently earning ~6% daily. This could be a quick way to diversify as mCOIN tracks the price of Coinbase stock, powered by Mirror Protocol.
  • IDEX: Announced Hybrid liquidity, claims to be the solution for DeFi’s failed trades, slippage, and front-running. Quite the announcement from the OG decentralized exchange, will have to see how it plays out!
  • Easy: Revealed their reinstatement plan for regaining the community’s trust following the hack, highlights are more partnerships with auditors and insurance providers. Additionally, the team plans to launch on Polygon and BSC.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Tyron The Collector

An original 1/1 loop by Mason London. 1600 px x 1600 px mp4.

NFT News

  • NFTFY: Their LBP via Balancer is currently live, will run until May 12th, enabling users to buy NFTY with DAI. The protocol allows for NFTs to be fractionalized into ERC20 tokens, which can then be used in DeFi products.
  • Roseon Finance: Upcoming dual-listing IDO that you may want to check out on YellowRoad or BSCPad. Roseon is a multichain yield aggregator built for mobile use, with an NFT gallery.
  • AirNFTs: Adoption is growing on BSC for collectibles, with over 46k nfts minted, 74k transactions, and over $5.14M in volume. This marketplace is powered by AIRT, recommend keeping your eyes on this token.
  • NFT Capital: Newly announced NFT marketplace on BSC that will support IDO launches, powered by CPTL token. Might be one to watch if the team can capture some of the NFT hype on BSC, be cautious as the project is very new.