dExplain crypto newsletter dinosaur coins are pumping nfts and defi updates

There is an old saying for stock market traders: SELL IN MAY & WALK AWAY, how do we feel about this in crypto? Come hop in discord and let us know.

Grayscale is now the first Bitcoin partner of an NFL team, the New York Giants. These are the types of marketing deals that will bring a new influx of retail investors into cryptocurrency. Ones that get in front of the eyes of the masses. Sure there are some red flags on the current market conditions, dinosaur coins such as XVG, ETC, LISK, QTUM are rising from the dead. 

That being said, what will you think when you see Coinbase, Binance, and FTX ads plastered across all your social media feeds? Because they haven’t really even STARTED to aggressively go after new users yet. Just food for thought…

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Uniswap: V3 is now live to mainnet, have seen mixed reactions across the community, mostly because V3 is more gas intensive which makes migration expensive for users. However, don’t forget the benefits of increased capital efficiency. And all eyes on an Optimism L2 release during the summer?
  • SushiSwap: Announced oSUSHI, which is very similar to how veCRV works and will limit the SUSHI emissions through lockups for voting. And the team announced liquidity mining rewards are now live on Polygon. Nice!
  • Polygon: If you’re looking for an easy route into the Polygon ecosystem to farm SUSHI then go through AscendEx (formerly BitMax) exchange. You can withdraw USDC or MATIC directly to the L2 network, so no need to pay high gas fees via an Ethereum bridge. 
  • Treasuries: An interesting thought for what might spark the next DeFi summer run is the unlocking of project treasuries. Many protocols such as Compound or Uniswap have billions in their treasuries, and grant programs are just the beginning. Will be interesting to see how token holders decide to productively spend treasury funds.
  • TrueBit: Recently we saw the launch of the TrueBit protocol and TRU token, there was a distinct lack of communication between the team and the community during the launch. Which caused skepticism and panic, here is a summary of what happened. A strong reminder of why developers should communicate!
  • Sonar Watch: New dashboard for monitoring your farming positions on Solana, integrated with platforms such as Raydium, SolFarm, or Bonfida. The team is shipping updates from community feedback quickly, amazing to see!
  • Structured Finance: Upcoming project building on Chromia, Heco, BSC, and Ethereum which aims to provide simplicity to derivatives, powered by STF token. One to research and watch!
  • Arbitrum: OKEx will support L2 deposits and withdrawals for Ethereum using Arbitrum. This is an amazing step forward for reducing friction for users caused by high network fees.
  • DefiDollar: Announced the team had received a $100m investment from Binance’s BSC fund. DefiDollar is the team behind the Stablecoin index DUSD and interest-bearing Bitcoin ibBTC with Badger DAO. Expecting more innovative products!
  • Vite Labs: Launched its cross-chain bridge that will connect Vite, Solana, and Cosmos ecosystems. Learn more about the DAG-based blockchain VITE in our interview with the team.  

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Deep Space Trip

Take a trip deep in space, join up with these two astronauts and with this funky pink electric jellyfish as it floats along passed the stars and planets of other worlds.

NFT News

  • Drops: Closed a $1M private funding round with VCs such as AU21 and Genblock Capital in the mix. Drops is building DeFi solutions such as staking, vaults, and trustless loans for NFTs. One to watch! 
  • Chiliz: Announced a partnership with UFC to create a fan token on Socios, which comes just after their partnership with Dapper Labs the creators of NBA Top Shot NFTs. Looks like the UFC is going allin on crypto?
  • Charged Particles: Closed their seed round at a valuation of $20M, which was 10x over-subscribed with investors such as DAOMaker, ParaFi, and MoonWhale in the mix. Charged Particles enables any NFT to be transformed into a basket of ERC20 tokens, recommend you start following this project.