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Happy Veterans Day, folks! We want to express our respect to everyone who served. And special respect if you then ended up trading crypto somehow. Do your battle-hardened nerves help you make risky trades? Or does it make you more conservative? Let us know if that applies to you in the comments.

Meanwhile, vaccines are coming and people are exploring pre-Covid assets that suffered the most. End of DeFi farming? Or the new beginning?

In today’s edition: we look at PRIA token’s key features to understand the game and a review of DIA’s oracle network solution.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing on Rarible or OpenSea to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated.

Cult of Mactisse

Vaporwave inspired art creating parodies of Apple Macintosh and Microsoft.

“The Future”

“The Chtulu Bladerunnerish nightmare of John Mcafee!” – Fabio Giampietro, 2020

Also take note

  • DeFi Llama: There’s a new TVL dashboard in town! DeFi Llama onboards projects quicker than DeFiPulse and shows stats for products not deployed on Ethereum.
  • dHedge Managers: Fancy yourself to be a portfolio manager? Well put your money where your mouth is, dHedge the social trading platform needs more!
  • UniDexBot: A tool that brings private limit orders and automated trade cycles to Uniswap. Creating, editing, canceling orders is gas free, check it out!
  • Yearn & Hegic: Options are coming to Yearn vaults to increase yield, golden DeFi developers Andre and Molly have teamed up to cook up some new magic.
  • Ferrum Network: Staking for FRM tokens third iteration launched, the team celebrated by buying back $25,000 worth of tokens off the market.