Humans do always love a pattern, and if it let’s us repeat a trodden path? Even better. Comparing Bitcoin’s current price movement to the 2013 bull run gives us an eerie familiarity. A strong argument in favor of the recent drops being a period of accumulation before attacking new all-time-highs.

That being said, we’re going to face some significant selling pressure soon enough. Here is the plan I am following, though it’s not certain we have a clean break through $40k yet.

Tightening of regulations are the big talking point of the week, Senator Warren stated that the SEC needs to publish clear regulations and expects them to do so quickly. We’ve seen Binance lower the daily withdrawal limit for non-KYC accounts to 0.06 BTC and CZ has even stated he is preparing to step down in favor of a CEO with regulatory experience/background.

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NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

… inner greediness

Shape of inner greediness. A visualisation of the feeling existing in each of us, but hiding under the upper pretending cover.

NFT News

  • Shopify: Announced merchants will be able to sell NFTs directly through their stores. A big move for increased mainstream adoption as this makes it extremely easy for purchases, no need to understand non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrency at all. 
  • DeFine: The NFT social platform raised $5M through strategic investors based out of South Korean, namely Huobi Ventures. Should enable a big expansion across the gaming and entertainment industry.
  • Zerion: One of the popular DeFi portfolio tracking tools for Ethereum now supports NFTs, and the team also did a surprise drop, a set of digital artworks created in collaboration with Nikolay Ironov. Very cool!