Great Conjunction

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Good morning! Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the night sky tonight on the Winter Solstice. The last time this happened was nearly 800 years ago. There are at least six different conspiracy theories, from alien invasion to the new world order (aka great reset). No matter what it’s gonna be, our team decided to take a vacation, celebrate Christmas and New Years’, and get back to you on January 4th. Stay cautious and always take a profit!

In Today’s Edition: we explore how AlphaX and Alpha Homora v2 upcoming releases could turn ALPHA token into a massive DeFi token during 2021. And a list of cryptocurrency scams to watch out for. Stay safe!

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing on OpenSea to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or audio.

Invitation to Awaken

Ritual, symbolism, AI, transdimensionality…

A Robot in the Clouds

Made with love and digital tools…

Also take note

  • Bancor: the team shipped a smart contract update that significantly reduces gas costs on staking & swaps. Great news for BNT holders!
  • DOGE: Elon Musk is back to shilling DOGE, business as usual.
  • Value DeFi: The Defi protocol partnered with Trinity Protocol for an upcoming farming pool on Value Liquid.
  • DEGO Finance: Announced a Christmas campaign where participants can win rewards and claim a special NFT magic box.
  • BinanceTemporary system maintenance has disabled all spot trading. A strange time for a system upgrade? Users are unhappy that futures trading is still going.