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Dogecoin is now worth more than BMW… what a time to be alive. All you can do is laugh at the situation and remind yourself it’s temporary, DOGE won’t outperform projects with strong fundamentals in the long term

Meanwhile, treasury secretary Yellen caused a small panic by stating interest rates may need a hike. For events that may influence the macro trend this week, there will be employment data coming out of the US and the spring economic forecasts published by the EU. So keep your eyes open for those reports!

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Uniswap: Eyes will be on Uniswap V3 launch later today, if it’s seen as a superior AMM immediately by users then expect the price of UNI to move. DeFi Labs released a simulation tool where you can check out how your capital would perform, give it a go!
  • Charm Finance: On the V3 Uniswap launch note, a project to check out is Charm. This protocol will automatically manage your liquidity to ensure it’s earning the highest yield.
  • Secret Network: VC firms such as Arrington Capital, Blocktower Capital, Spartan Group, and Skynet Trading have publicly entered large positions in SCRT coin. Secret is a privacy-preserving network for DeFi and NFTs, check out our full review here.
  • Pontoon Finance: A cross-chain liquidity mirror for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Optimism, and Polkadot. Features a decentralized relayer network to create a trustless cross-chain bridger, plus liquidity mining rewards for providers. 
  • Rope: Launched a DEX interface for interacting with any Serum listed pairs, trading fees will be shared amongst ROPE stakers once live. Great to see new Solana projects actively building!
  • Raydium: Announced the next IDO on AcceleRaytor will be for Mercurial Finance, given how much attention MEDIA’s launch received, expecting this one to be much sought after too. No date yet, so stay tuned!
  • Solanium: Whitelisting for this upcoming decentralized launchpad on Solana will open within 2 days. The project is backed by Rarestone Capital, Serum, and Genblock Capital so expecting their public sale to receive a lot of attention quickly.   
  • Soar Finance: Announced its integrations for BSC and cross-chain bridge for SOAR token between Eth are ready. Soar is a liquidity migrator contract that enables users to swap their liquidity between pools seamlessly with low slippage.
  • Orca: This DEX continues to periodically drop collectible NFTs to its active users, this is quite interesting as it sets the platform apart from the usual setup of DeFi product+token.
  • CafeSwap: Announced a new strategic partnership farm with SafeProtocol, users can now earn BREW tokens for providing liquidity to SAFEP-BNB and staking their LP tokens.
  • Parrot: A liquidity lending protocol on Solana, which aims to enable users to use their LP tokens as collateral. Currently, you can mint its stablecoin PAI using BTC as collateral. Looks very interesting, one to watch!

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


Moonboy (with space beer)

NFT News

  • Genies: Dapper Lab’s virtual avatars project Genies announced it had raised $65M in funding to boost the development of its NFT marketplace. The project aims to be the “Amazon of Digital Wearables.” 
  • Trade Race Manager: A collectible NFT trading game where you buy cars and racers to use on the tracks, more cars means more earnings. Powered by IOI token which is deployed on L2 Polygon, so no high network fees. Very cool!
  • StarColl: Announced a limited edition of 800 Star Wars-themed NFTs will go live on their marketplace powered by QAN blockchain. Watch out though, the project is not licensed by Disney at all.
  • NFTb: The first full featured NFT marketplace on BSC is live. Mint, trade, collect crypto artwork and more at low network fees, backed by Binance and powered by NFTB token.