DeFi protocols have entered a Halloween war of transfusion, sucking the liquidity out of one another. Is this innovation or is the capital just going in circles?

In today’s edition: learn how to farm everything with Dracula, understand DodoEx’s market making algorithm, explore dForce DeFi yield markets and decentralized option trading with Hegic.

Also take note

  • DC Comics: Batman digital art will soon be on Ethereum in the form of a non-fungible tokens.
  • Binance Smart Chain: Announced their first $100M accelerator seed fund for six projects, including PancakeSwap.
  • MetaMask: Token swaps are now available from inside your wallet, currently live for all extension users. The upgrade will come to mobile users at a later date.
  • Numerai: Introduced a competitive market for stock market signals, called Numerai Signals. It aims to make it possible for small players to compete with established hedge funds.