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Don’t let the classic Monday shakeout deter you, in a bull market dips are for buying. Keep your eyes on the 4H EMAs to see strong support/resistance areas, such as these levels.

The American government will vote on a $1.9 trillion stimulus package at the end of the week, which they hope to enact before mid-March. This means we should see businesses and individuals invest/spend more in the coming months. 

Crypto News

  • FantomCross-chain bridge between Fantom and Ethereum (and other chains) will soon be live. This should help with network fees on Eth, as various DeFi projects have started to build on FTM. The big one is Yearn and Curve.
  • Bitcoin: A whale moved 13000 BTC off Coinbase, and it was done in a way to protect the user’s identity (split into multiple wallets). This is usually seen as a bullish sign as whales generally move BTC off exchanges when planning to hold long term.
  • Crypto.com: Completed what the team is calling the largest token burn in history, destroying 70 billion CRO tokens ahead of their mainnet launch next month. Read our full review on their cryptocurrency debit card solution here.

DeFi News

  • DODO: Binance will list DODO on futures for perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. Read our full review about the pro-active market maker here
  • Auctus: Announced the release of the first-ever private option pools, meaning liquidity providers can create their options where they set the strike price range and expiration date.
  • AntiMatter: An upcoming project building a DeFi derivatives protocol with cross-chain support for Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi Eco Chain. No details yet about the MATTER public sale, but we expect it to fill up fast.
  • Anyswap: Revealed their IDO will launch via Polkastarter on March 2nd. This is a protocol for cross-chain trading of shares in tokenized vaults (think trading your Yearn yVault deposit on Ethereum directly into a vault on Binance Smart Chain).
  • Saffron Finance: The team announced V2 of the platform will go live on 24th February and will include support for Binance Smart Chain.
  • Alpha Finance: Also teased that their team has been watching bsc ecosystem grow and planning to integrate support shortly. Seems like the BNB pump is far from over? 
  • Uniswap: Is V3 closer than we think? And more importantly, will it support any form of Layer2 scaling to reduce network fees? Rumors continue to circulate!
  • Harmony: Announced a partnership with Reef Finance where the main aim will be to make DeFi faster, all of Reef’s existing platforms will be available in Harmony’s DeFi ecosystem.
  • DFX: This project is building a decentralized foreign exchange protocol with a mission of supporting foreign stablecoins (not just USD). One to watch as we believe with the value of USD decreasing (inflation), stablecoin farmers may not be happy with USDT, BUSD, USDC deposits.
  • Litentry: Published a sneak peek of their 2021 roadmap. Watch out for cross-parachain support in Q2.
  • Razor Network: A decentralized and permissionless oracle network backed by Alameda Research (FTX Exchange). Currently, not listed on any major exchanges, might be worth taking a gamble.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Inner Peace

The peace we feel within once the stress of the world eases...

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