Much Roar

Much Roar Very dExplain DOGE onlyup

Well, we can only really say one thing today: very wow, much moon.

DOGE outperformed every asset over the past 4 days, pulling x4 on the BTC pair. All market analysts left speechless, maybe up is down? For some perspective anyone who bought $10k DOGE on January 1st would now be sitting on $450k… no words!

Best not chase the pump, there is a very good chance that the profits will flow into other Altcoins. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is dipping over some miner FUD (did we travel back in time?), if 59k doesn’t hold then it might get painful very quick.

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Visor Finance: Announced details for the Uniswap V3 Supervisor, introducing profit-sharing with VISR stakers. The token is up by over 75% in the last 24H.  
  • BancorDecentralized limit orders live using Keeper DAO and 0xProject, requires no gas cost to submit an order. Network fees are paid by the taker, bullish update for BNT!
  • ThorChain: Announced ThorStarter launchpad, don’t sleep on the Cosmos ecosystem, there is a lot of building happening there. And RUNE is right in the middle of it.
  • Badger DAO: The much anticipated single staking WBTC vault in collaboration with Yearn is coming, with the team announcing a beta launch accessible to users long term supporters (liquidity providers and DIGG holders).
  • Tidal DeFi: Announced a partnership with DaFi Protocol, a decentralized protocol that rewards users on their adoption. Tidal will implement its risk coverage solutions, great for DAFI holders.
  • Enso: Upcoming DeFi platform that we recommend checking out, will enable users to discover and create their DeFi metastrategies. Follow successful yield farmers and copy their strats!
  • CrownyThe team has received a Solana ecosystem grant from Project Serum. Crowny enables users to receive rewards for engaging with marketing offers, interesting use case, one to watch!
  • Elrond: Announced Maiar Launchpad to bootstrap innovating project launching on Elrond’s ecosystem, powered by MPAD token. First IDOs will be revealed in April, learn more about EGLD here.
  • ChainSwap: Scheduled the public sale of TOKEN to happen on WeStarter and Helmet Insurance. Along with another sale on SolStarter at a later date. There will also be an offering through Uniswap. Lots of choices!
  • Swipe Wallet: Completed a Swipe Ignition sale which sold over BTC at a 50% discount in exchange for SXP, this resulted in $1M worth of Swipe tokens being burnt. Make sure you sign up for Swipe to access the next ignition sale.
  • Waffle Exchange: Presale for WAF token starts at 18:00 UTC today. Check out our full review on the Waffle DEX aggregator here.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Trust The Doge Stash

Doge is more than just a coin, it’s a movement. It also has the ability to communicate to us through the charts. This NFT represents our trust in DOGE 🚀🌙

NFT News