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Gold price is dropping since Jan 6, Bitcoin going up – kind of strange? Everyone hoping for the next Ethereum all-time high to confirm the real Altseason rally or trigger the great Chinese dump. Manage your risk!

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • SushiSwap: The original vampire attack AMM protocol is publishing its new roadmap for 2021 tomorrow. Expect SUSHI market movement, rumors, and hype! 
  • Alpha Finance: Confirmed its V2 release date will be this January, along with revealing partnerships with Balancer, SushiSwap, Cream Finance, and Curve. We repeat ALPHA is the 2021 DeFi juggernaut. Hopefully, you listened and caught that pump.
  • OpenOceanGlobal: This is the first DEX aggregator for Binance Smart ChainIf 1inch and Uniswap airdrops taught us anything, you may want to do a couple of trades there – who knows it may prove beneficial in the future.
  • 0x_Nodes: Formerly known as Xiot DeFi but now acquired by 0x Nodes, the team revealed the plan for the next steps. Excitingly to see how XIOT will grow with financial backing behind them.
  • Hakka Finance: First release of their collective prediction market protocol known as Hakka Intelligence. Users can submit predictions for price changes and win rewards in HAKKA.
  • PancakeSwap: Next IFO (Initial Farm Offering) will be the HELMET token, a peer-to-peer insurance protocol for options trading. The sale will start on January 13th at 09:00 UTC.
  • N3rd Finance: Announced an incubator launchpad feature where N3RDz holders can stake to access pre-sale.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

The Robber Hornbill

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