Once a Pickle, Never a Cucumber

pickle finance new defi protocol for stablecoins

Did you cash in your DeFi stimulus check immediately, or will you be holding UNI for a higher price? Would be great to hear your thoughts, let us know on twitter! Ethereum transactions hit a new historical high fueled by Uniswap’s airdrop. Enjoy reading and enjoy your weekend.

Also take note

  • Printer gets stuck: new DeFi platform, Printer Finance got off to a bad start with a bug in their smart contract that gave most of the rewards to one user. The user immediately dumped.
  • Injective Protocol: Elrond Network has announced eGLD will be integrated on the derivatives exchange Injective Protocol.
  • Yfv Finance: Users can now migrate over to the VALUE token, using the new swap tool. Proposals have been voted in by the community to launch new staking pools.
  • Ocean Shipyard: a new development fund for teams building on Ocean Protocol, promises 20M in OCEAN tokens over the next 2 years. In dollar value, that is currently $6.6M for generating new projects.