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Bitcoin reached new ATH, that’s cool if you’re a boomer. Line goes up, line goes down. Now let’s move onto the real news.

Crypto News

  • Solana: SOL price is currently dipping, if you’re thinking it’s an entry do remember over 450M tokens will unlock on January 7th. Could mean a massive dump!
  • Bancor: the AMM may deploy a cross-chain bridge to Polkadot. Meaning we could have instant swaps between ETH, DOT, and tokens on either chain soon enough. 
  • Bank Payments: U.S. federal regulator OCC says banks can use stablecoins for payments. This could mean blockchain technology will be a serious contender for replacing SWIFT, ACH, and FedWire. (Source: Coindesk)
  • Tron: There is an ever-growing rumor that the SEC plans to go after Justin Sun next. Of course, the Tron Foundation has denied this entirely. True or false, might be a good time to short TRON.

DeFi News

NFT Spotlight

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NFT News

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