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The US Dollar projected annual inflation rate is 2.24% in 2021, just a bit higher than usual. But that’s not as high as most people want you to believe. In other words, your profits are not diluted as much as you may think. Do you have any thoughts on this? Let us know.

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Value DeFi: Upcoming Liquid Core Upgrade enables cheaper gas fees for swaps and the protocol will fetch liquidity from Uniswap or Sushiswap whenever needed. Bullish news for VALUE?
  • Curve Finance: It is here! Collaboration between Yearn and Curve has launched permissionless pool creation in three clicks for stablecoins.
  • 1inch Network: The ETH-WBTC pool is now bigger on 1inch than Uniswap as farmers chase better rewards. Recommend watching UNI governance proposals, might be there will be a reaction to get that TVL back.
  • Phala Network: Announced a strategic partnership with Zenlink, a cross-chain decentralized exchange on Polkadot. The aim is to bring more privacy to DEX networks. 
  • PieDAO: Good news if you’ve been holding the DeFi-L index token, as it’s reached a new All-Time-High! If you missed our article about PieDAO and farming DOUGH, find it here.
  • Loopring: The ETH-USDC pool is now up on Loopring’s L2 AMM. Users can add liquidity to the pool without high network fees or long waits, the team estimates it would only take 18 seconds for 2 cent cost.
  • Swipe Wallet: First Ignition sale ended in a fiasco with all sales of CAN being reversed. It looks like Swipe needs a much stronger team doing due diligence on future initial token offerings!
  • SolomonDeFi: Announced a partnership with MyCryptoPlay, a fantasy trading platform. If you missed our overview of Solomon DeFi and their plans to build decentralized e-commerce – find it here.
  • Polkastarter: POLS is now listed and trading on Huobi Global. Just one month after their MVP launch, Polkastarter has already helped 9 projects launch their token sales. This team is moving blazingly fast, with a top tier exchange listing now secured, POLS market will see some movement.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Fred walks the distance

Fred walks the distance Fred he walks, but never gets there…

NFT News