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Don’t overthink it, all markets are in uptrend mode. Some coins are shooting off with massive expansions, no need to chase them because others are re-accumulating under ATHs. Bullish!

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Vortex DeFi: Announced a strategic partnership with Mobifi to bring Vortex protocol to their DeFi dashboard. Great news for VTX and MoFi holders.
  • 1inch Exchange: Get ready for another DeFi Summer? 1inch Exchange just passed $30 billion in trading volume, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.
  • bDollar Finance: Introduced a new set of synthetic assets for the platform bpUNI and bpXAU, which are pegged to Uniswap token and Gold respectively. These multi-peg tokens use ChainLink oracles as pricing feeds to determine if they’re on or off peg.  
  • Venus Protocol: Ranked the #1 dApp by TVL on BSC, don’t forget the team is planning to switch to a two token model to reduce XVS emissions. Expecting XVS buy pressure to ramp up as the new reward token will be airdropped to existing holders. Check out our full guide on using Venus here.
  • Shield Finance: A multi-chain DeFi insurance aggregator to protect your investments from hacks, rug pulls, and price crashes. This thread on SHIELD token shows the potential, and DYOR!
  • Orakuru: A native oracle on Binance Smart Chain which is community-owned and operated, the ORK presale IDO via KickPad sold out quickly. Looks like there is a lot of hype around this token, one to watch!
  • Wault Finance: After successfully launching Euler Protocol on their launchpad (it did x20 in 2 days!) they announced their AMM Wswap with a new rewards token called WsW. The team is actively building and shipping code, looks very promising!
  • Antimatter: Announced the launch of LP Option Farming on Ethereum, an innovative approach to liquidity mining that enables farmers to receive an option to buy MATTER at a high discount. As the team says there is no such thing as a free lunch!  
  • Pyth Network: Came out of stealth mode to reveal its next-generation oracle solution, which will bring Hifi data to DeFi, real-world data on a sub-second timescale. Start following their announcements. 
  • bZx Protocol: bZrx is back again? The team announced they would be launching their first margin trading product with yield farming on BSC.
  • Mirror Protocol: MIR is now available for Coinbase custody, potentially one of the next tokens that will be listed on Coinbase Pro? MIR doesn’t really have a tier 1 exchange listing yet, just food for thought.
  • Oction: An upcoming CeDeFi Options Trading platform for BSC, currently going through its IDO via BSCPad today. Might be worth checking out, can see decentralized derivatives platforms being a hot trend this summer.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Kill All Tires II

Check yourself before you reck yourself.

NFT News

  • Biti City: An experimental game that merges yield farming with NFTs, users collect Bitibots which they can combine to build more collectibles while earning BITI tokens.
  • Dego Finance: Announced a strategic partnership with Hoo Exchange to collaborate around DeFi and NFTs. Expect an NFT treasure hunt event soon! Learn more about DEGO token here.
  • Polkamons: Announced it will migrate to Elrond Network to power its collectibles instead of Polkadot. Does this mean we now have to call them Elrondamons?
  • Playboy: The adult magazine is entering the NFT scene through a partnership with Nifty Gateway. Recently, Playboy purchased Beeple’s Bull Run artwork so this was only a matter of time!
  • SafeAhegao: An NFT backed deflationary asset on Binance Smart Chain, scheduled for a fair launch later today. Essentially, the idea is that Custom Ahegao NFTs will be airdropped to the top wallets. One to research!