Que Sera Sera

dExplain wednesday newsletter nft and defi

Are we calling this Coinbase week or All-Time Highs week? Either sounds bullish to us. Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain – take your pick it’s probably putting in another ATH soon enough. Meanwhile, Dan from Pantera Capital continues to call the correct Bitcoin price predictions months in advance. So over $100k by July?

Of course, we may look back and say with hindsight… this was the top signal. Just be ready for all scenarios! Another fear is inflation numbers do appear high in the latest CPI report, though analysts expect the sharp increase to be temporary, as long as the economy continues to reopen.

Crypto News

  • Always Backup: Remember there is no support team for saving your Bitcoin or Ethereum holdings. Don’t be that guy who loses out on millions because of a lost password, always backup your seed phrase!
  • Ethereal: The virtual summit is scheduled to happen on May 6-7th, and it’s being compared to the Burning Man of Crypto. With Mark Cuban, Vitalik Buterin, Sergey Nazarov, all scheduled to talk make sure you’re free to listen. Register for free!
  • Coinbase: Much awaited listing on Nasdaq will happen today, many will be watching the initial valuation on listing, that’s been the talk of the town. A $200 billion Coinbase would be bigger than Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley – yet the banks are still sleeping on crypto. Their loss, our gain! Note Binance will be listing COIN as a stock token.

DeFi News

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Burning infinity

The hottest and most dangerous of the universes...

NFT News

  • NFTX: Launched a new interface for interacting with the protocol which enables a much easier onboarding process, such as no longer having to enter NFT ids manually.
  • TechCashDeFi: Announced a new wallet for managing NFTs, store them safely, transact, and display them for others to see. Cash Tech is a one-stop shop for DeFi payments, lending, and staking.
  • Unicly: A decentralized NFT protocol that enables users to fractionalize, combine, and trade non-fungible token collections through sharding. Essentially, the platform brings liquidity to NFTs. One to research!
  • Chainbinders: A Japanese-inspired NFT game built by Doki Doki Finance announced it had raised $5M in 2 hours. One to watch! Learn more about DOKI token here.
  • Wax: Announced MLB Topps (Baseball) are coming to Wax blockchain, scheduled for April 20th. Given how successful NBA Topps are, this could be huge.