Range Rover?

FOMC minutes from June did not move the market, so it seems the feds are still happy to play the patience game when it comes to any tightening of monetary policy. Should the market keep the risk on conditions, bullish movements next week? And over the weekend, I would not be surprised if the corn heads up to tap the range’s highs

Meanwhile, several major UK banks are blocking payments going in or out of the Binance Exchange. If this is messing up your preferred cash in/out route, then FTX Exchange also supports GBP. Well, they need to get with the times: Visa is currently partnering with 50 crypto platforms to provide card programs. There is only going to be more and more!

Crypto News

  • Circle: The company behind the stablecoin USDC is going public in a deal valued at $4.5 billion. This means both the companies behind USDC (Coinbase and Circle) will be publicly traded.
  • Argentina: Potentially another South American country to declare Bitcoin as legal tender? A bill has been put forth for approval which will make it possible for salaries to be paid in cryptocurrency.
  • Tendermint: The blockchain company which is behind Cosmos (ATOM), and tech is used in various networks such as ThorChain or Binance Chain, is building a crypto app store called Emeris. Apparently, it will offer a wide variety of decentralized apps (dApps).
  • Cardano: Institutional buyers have skyrocketed for ADA, along with retail, looks like the upcoming smart contract functionality launch (Alonzo hard fork) is the primary driver of demand.

DeFi News

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

The Negotiating Party

There was much consternation and not a little bit of excitement as Shadow rowed the negotiating team out to meet the stranger. Gliding steadily through the fog, they chewed on fearful bits of imagination and cast nervous little jokes to the fish...

NFT News