Ready The Cannons?

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Ethereum hit a new ATH, trading at its highest against BTC in 29 months. With Aave and Chainlink also hitting new highs, remember, don’t get lost in the euphoria of crazy altcoin gains. Bitcoin is still fighting the 32k-34k level, this stall may very well be a temporary top. If there is a correction, you will want your gunpowder ready. 

Diversify, pay yourself, and play it safe!

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Auctus Project: The team announced a partnership with Binance to bring decentralized options trading to Binance Smart Chain. Meaning traders can buy put and call options on BNB. No mention yet if AUC token will also live on bsc as a BEP20 asset, but maybe that is coming?
  • COTI: Integrated Chainlink oracles into their Crypto Volatility Index (CVI), effectively, making it decentralized. This index enables traders to capitalize on the volatility in DeFi markets, think of it as a Market Fear Index. 
  • StarkWare: Outlined plans for StarkEx 3.0 to feature DeFi Pooling which will bring more scalability to existing DeFi protocols. It resembles a Yearn style vault deployed on a Layer2 solution to save users network fees when rebalancing.
  • Mirror Protocol: A new synthetic asset platform for trading real-world assets such as Google, Netflix, or Apple stocks called mAssets. Recently, the team deployed mAssets onto Binance Smart Chain in collaboration with Pancakeswap for farming CAKE. Impressive APY!
  • LINA: Another synthetic platform to check out is Linear Finance which aims to instantly create cross-chain liquid markets for assets like coffee, crude oil, esports, bitcoin, market indices, and more. Plus it has big industry backers behind it such as Alameda Research, DuckDAO, and Hashed.
  • GasCashback: An upcoming DeFi trading station for managing your Ethereum portfolio while also paying out 100% cashback on your gas spends (network fees). A very interesting concept if it takes off, pre-sale is happening via the Predictz launchpad.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

A Dyslexic Subconscious

NFT News

  • CryptoPunks: An ultra-rare Alien punk NFT sold for 605 ETH, roughly $750,000. Punks are seen as the first crypto collectible project ever released on Ethereum. Most of them follow a punk theme as the name suggests, however, there are a couple of rare alien and zombie ones.
  • Age of Rust: Season 1 launch date of March 19th has been set for this blockchain-powered crypto treasure hunt. A total of 24 BTC and 370,000 ENJ will be hidden throughout the game!
  • Rick and Morty: Justin Roiland the co-creator of the TV show, recently sold his NFT art collection for over $1 million. The cryptoart was mostly Rick and Morty themed, and Roiland pledged he would be donating the funds to help the homeless in LA.
  • CNFT.IO: This new NFT platform aims to bring non-fungible tokens to Cardano. This would cut down on network fees that artists and collectors face on Ethereum.