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We expect Bitcoin to continue being choppy, unless you’re experienced with these market conditions then don’t take any high leverage positions. Don’t panic about your Altcoins, maybe remind yourself why you chose them. 

Focus on something new or different, don’t just stare at the candles. Take a vacation if you can and if you can’t come chat in our discord.

Crypto News

  • Bitcoin: Data is revealing that accumulation mode is back on, whales are aggressively buying the dips. And more BTC continues to flow out of Coinbase into cold storage. 
  • Ethereum: One poor soul wasn’t paying attention and ended up paying over 24 ETH to instantly confirm a Uniswap trade. Say what you will about Binance Smart Chain or Huobi Eco Chain, but until Eth sorts out scalability then can we even recommend DeFi to the masses?
  • Solana: Good news for SOL holders, you can now stake on Binance with up to 43% APY. This is a locked staking program where you select the duration anywhere from 15 to 90 days.
  • Stellar: Flare Network announced that it will bring smart contracts functionality to the Stellar ecosystem. Might be we see some speculation of future DeFi use cases buying up XLM. 

DeFi News

  • Secret Network: Announced it was working on a bridge to Binance Smart Chain to complement its existing portal to Ethereum. Meaning privacy transactions for bsc users are coming. Read our review of Secret Network here.
  • Chainlink: Revealed off-chain reporting is now live on the mainnet, it’s estimated this will reduce gas costs of using the oracle network by up to 90%. Good news for Ethereum DeFi developers.
  • Shadow DeFi: The team has confirmed a partnership with Kylin Network to leverage their oracle data network to power synthetic asset creation. This means the platform will now have reliable off-chain sources for pricing feeds.
  • OpenDAO: Users can now farm CAKE in the bOPEN-BNB pool on Pancakeswap. Plus you can stake your CAKE rewards to earn more bOPEN. A win-win!
  • DITTO: The vampire attack is now live for Ditto Money, holders of several elastic supply coins on Ethereum such as DIGG, BASED, or AMPL can now swap for DITTO and leave the high fees of Eth behind them. You can swap here.
  • Soteria: Announced cover insurance for Beefy Finance yield optimizer. Enables users to insure their deposits against smart contract exploits.
  • BlankWallet: The BLANK private token sale raised $1.8M and was 68X oversubscribed. This is a non-custodial Ethereum browser wallet that ensures all your transactions are private. Keep your eye out for the public sale. 
  • DexMex: The team launched the beta version where you can easily short or long WBTC, UNI, YFI, or DEXM. Check our full review of the platform here.
  • VikingSwap: A new AMM and yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain. Appears to be multiple clones popping up every hour, but this one caught our attention as they’ve already had two security audits by Hacken and DefiYield. What’s cool here is there are deposit fees that automatically buyback VIKING.
  • Beefy Finance: Announced there will be launchpools in the future with BREW from CafeSwap being the first listing. Expecting these token sales to receive a lot of attention.
  • 1nch Exchange: The team announced on Twitter that the DEX aggregator is now integrated with BSC and 1INCH token also. Farming is live for 1INCH-BNB pair. 
  • Oddz Finance: This upcoming multi-chain derivatives trading platform has raised $2.6M from big industry players, one to follow for future updates.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

The Minter
High above the highspeed atmosphere, towering tall over the blockchain galaxy, the Minter is forging the next brilliant NFT’s for the artists of tomorrow...

NFT News

  • Sorare: Announced it has raised $50M for fantasy sports, powered by NFTs. The platform is a football game where users can earn prizes every week, plus the digital cards are fully licensed.
  • Chain Guardians: Be ready for this IDO on March 10th on Polkastarter, this is a highly anticipated NFT mining platform around a superhero theme. Already partnered with teams such as DuckDAO and Covalent.
  • CryptoHouses: A new NFT project which will drop on OpenSea on the 3rd March. Given the explosion of Hashmasks and CryptoPunks, it might be a good idea to snap a few up.
  • OctoAliens: This project is releasing one NFT per day for a year, each one is an alien looking octopus. That means there will only ever be 365 of them. Are you ready to collect them all?