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Are you doing something different after that last correction? You may think that was the bottom, just don’t forget March has historically been a red month for Bitcoin. Might be a good idea to change your portfolio allocations and increase your stablecoin holdings – just in case.

Perhaps this is a good time to check out our guide for using Venus Protocol where you can earn interest on your USDT, BUSD, USDC, or DAI.

Crypto News

  • Polygon: Announced a partnership with Golem project to build a new payment driver using Polygon’s (Matic Network) Layer2 technology. This will remove the reliance on expensive Layer1 Ethereum transactions. 
  • Square: The company revealed it was expanding its Bitcoin position, buying $170 million worth of BTC. Remember Square’s CEO is Jack Dorsey, also the founder of Twitter, so this should be seen as bullish news.
  • Tether: Finally the USDT shenanigans and drama is behind us ending in an $18.5 million settlement where Tether admitted no wrongdoing. For the next two years, they are legally bound to provide regular reports on its reserve composition.
  • Solana: There has been a lot of attention around the growing Solana ecosystem lately. Mostly because SOL, SRM, RAY held up well during the recent correction. Make sure you check out what’s being built there, here is a good rabbit hole

DeFi News

  • Pancakeswap: The team tweeted out the plans for V2, notably emission reductions for CAKE, prediction markets, referral programs, and gamification. Looks quite bullish as would set Pancakeswap apart from just being an AMM clone.
  • Brave: The browser announced it was exploring options for building its own decentralized exchange that would benefit BAT holders, along with a new Brave Wallet.
  • MangoMarkets: Not much is known about MANGO, just that the team is building on Solana. Appears to be an upcoming lending protocol or margin trading platform built on top of Serum DEX.
  • Beefy Finance: Now has vaults for Monster Slayer Finance, where the MSC-BUSD pool currently offers ~4% daily. Could interest some of you DeFi farmers!
  • Certik: Announced they’re collaborating with Wault Finance for security audits and protecting their community with CertikShield. 
  • Aave&Balancer: The two major DeFi protocols on Ethereum announced their partnering up to build the first asset manager for Balancer V2. The main change with Balancer V2 is that all tokens are held in a single protocol vault, not in multiple pools. Learn how to farm BAL tokens here.
  • Public Mint: After having to delay their IDO due to congestion and high network fees on Ethereum, the team has announced a new date. Let’s hope this time it happens. Might be a forthcoming message that teams will start moving to other blockchains such as Huobi Eco Chain or Binance Smart Chain for their initial token sales.
  • Kylin Network: Successfully closed its $2.7M Private Round Fundraising, a good sign that their roadmap for building data infrastructure on Polkadot is solid and receiving a lot of attention from key industry players. Read our review of KYL token here.
  • AntiMatter: Announced the team will be conducting the world’s first triple IDO across three different blockchains. Whitelisting is open for potential participants, we expect this one will be hot so don’t wait around.
  • Cream Finance: The platform now supports over 30 different BEP-20 assets, adding support for assets such as renBTC, renZEC, BAT, AUTO, and VAI.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

We all need it… Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

NFT News

  • Solible: If you’re struggling with Ethereum network fees to mint new NFTs, then check out this NFT marketplace powered by Solana.
  • NBA Top Shot: Made a new platform record with a moment NFT of Lebron James selling for $208,000 – and we don’t think this record will stand for long. NBA Top Shot cards are being bought up nearly immediately on release.
  • Zapper: The DeFi dashboard now supports NFTs, meaning you can easily track the value of NFTs in your wallet.
  • PolkaPets: Announced new additions to the NFT collectible card game such as TrustBase, Wing Finance, Crust Network, and Spider DAO. Check them out!
  • Flow: Announced they will integrate OpenSea into the Flow ecosystem, with its global brand partners such as NBA, Warner Music Group, and UFC this could mean NFTs will be hitting the masses soon enough.