Sir, dExplain DeFi, sir?

sir explain defi and yield farming please sir

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kimchi finance locks up over $500M within a couple of hours

Kimchi DeFi is Looking Delicious?

Kimchi DeFi farming token is looking delicious? New protocol locks up over $500 million within a couple of hours. The DeFi food inspired trend continues!

what are yearn finance vaults? New Yearn vaults make defi accessible to everyone.

Yearn Finance Vaults Explained

What are Yearn Finance vaults? Yearn creates tools for automated DeFi and Yield Farming strategies, making DeFi products available to all. The new yETH vault could trigger the next big ETH rally.

what is curve finance? look at CRV tokenomics and DAO governance wars

What is Curve finance and CRV?

What is Curve finance? A review of CRV token, discover Curve DAO governance wars on one of the favourite stablecoin liquidity DeFi protocols.

Also take note

  • Burger Money: American yield farmers may want to consider their homeland food, a new DeFi protocol which has locked up $2M in liquidity already.
  • Beware: Another fork of SushiSwap called Shroom Finance, may have a backdoor allowing the creator to mint unlimited tokens.
  • Aave: partnership with RealT Market as Aave moves to bring mortgages onto Ethereum.
  • Swipe Wallet: Swipe has been listed on Upbit, with SXP/KRW pairs open immediately for trading. And SXP is also listed on Serum DEX.