Soulja Boy cancelled ATH

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As Ethereum was heading to a historically new all-time-high, Soulja Boy asked Twitter if he should create his own cryptocurrency – and everything dipped! Coincidence? We think not.

On a more serious note, today is inauguration day, and there is a lot of uncertainty around the new administration. Expect more volatility in all markets, stay cautious.

We have started a discord server for the dExplain community, come join us. Idea is to share news, trading ideas, chat about your favorite farming strategies, and more.

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Value DeFi: Released the first cross-chain synthetic seigniorage pegged assets vUSD, vBTC, and vDOT. If you ever swapped via Value Liquid, you may have an airdrop waiting to be claimed! These algorithmic synths are inspired by the Basis Cash protocol (which we wrote about here). They will be deployed on Ethereum, Polkadot, and MoonBeamNetwork. Very bullish news for VALUE.
  • YFI: New USDC, DAI, and HEGIC v2 yVaults are live. The whole website has been updated with a new user interface for easier onboarding, recommend checking it out.
  • Poolz: Their cross-chain token pools on Ethereum, Polkadot, and Tomochain are off to a flying start. It took only 40 minutes for over $1M in POOLZ tokens to be staked.
  • Curve Finance: First the CRV devs accused Saddle Finance of copying their code. Then news broke on Twitter of users making massive profit arbitrage trades because Saddle’s BTC pools were not launched correctly – so it seems they couldn’t copy paste correctly!
  • COVER: After the original token code was exploited, it looks like Cover Protocol is ready to fully reboot. New liquidity mining contracts have gone through three independent audits.
  • Prophet Finance: The frictionless yield token PROPHET which is loosely inspired by RFI token integrated Chainlink’s VRF oracle. As a result, their decentralized lottery picks winners in a provably secure & fair manner.
  • Neutrino Protocol: The flagship DeFi protocol on Waves blockchain continues to grow in emerging markets. Users can currently earn up to 17% APY on NGNN, which is pegged to the Nigerian Naira. 

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

PQ4K // 13

NFT News

  • NFTY Labs: This team is building an NFT platform that will be very similar to Rarible. The token pre-sale details are yet to be announced, so follow now to be the first to know. It’s a US-based company, partnered with Bondly, and founders will be public.
  • OpenSea: Launched lazy minting, which allows artists to create NFTs without any gas or network fees upfront. Essentially, the NFT is not transferred on-chain until the creation is purchased. (Learn more about OpenSea marketplace here.)
  • Enjin: As the market dipped ENJ shot up by over 90% as news of the coin being approved by Japan’s JVCEA broke. This meant Enjin Coin could finally start trading on the Coindesk exchange, and be the first gaming token available to Asian markets.
  • Charged Particles: This upcoming protocol will enable you to create a DeFi NFT out of a basket of tokens. A new class of interest-bearing assets. Imagine equipping yourself with a sword in decentraland, which also earns interest!