splurge cryptocurrency debit card

A little different format today, after all variety is the spice of life! Sticking to our mission we will dExplain a number of crypto debit cards. The goal is to find out which card is the best for your situation: DeFi user? Art collector? Bitcoin holder? dApps gambler?

Today we looked at Swipe and Monolith for our best crypto card reviews. Next on the list: Crypto.com, Plutus, Wirex and Eidoo. Do you know any other cards worth reviewing? Let us know.

Three days until Halloween, people believe the next DeFi farming theme will be about Santa Claus, while others think the apocalypse is now.

Also take note

  • Tsunami Finance: a DeFi platform where users stake ETH as a single deposit to start farming NAMI tokens. The tokenomic design is fresh, check it out.
  • Bloody Airdrop: RottenSwap ROT holders should be very happy as they will receive a new elastic supply token BLOODY through the Halloween airdrop.
  • Waves: Tron integration is now complete for the Gravity Protocol.
  • PowerOracle: a new decentralized oracle platform launched with 12 price feeds.
  • Elrond: You can start staking your EGLD in the Elrond Wallet to help secure the network.
  • Coti: Revealed that Coti Pay will soon be available to Android users via their Viper App.
  • Ocean: After years of development Ocean v3 is now live! A big moment for the future growth of decentralized data markets, as it bridges data with DeFi.
  • Meme and Zerion: If you have been busy farming NFTs on the MEME platform, tracking just got easier! You can now monitor your staked MEME on Zerion.
  • NFT Highlight: a digital collectible inspired by Value DeFi called The Value Man sold out in a matter of minutes. Nice!