What is Aloha DeFi? A peer-to-peer dApp for sharing unused mobile data, earn ALOHA token rewards, stake for rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What is Cover Protocol? A decentralized peer to peer market for coverage powered by COVER token and smart contracts.

Meridian Network, the DeFi platform governed by its LOCK token holders, has announced a new Prediction Market dApp called PreSaga. Plans to use escrow via TrustSwap and Chainlink oracles.

What is Holochain? Review of Holo's growing ecosystem. Here we take a look at if hApps will be able to attract developers and users, to conquer dApps.

What are Yearn Finance vaults? Yearn creates tools for automated DeFi and Yield Farming strategies, making DeFi products available to all. The new yETH vault could trigger the next big ETH rally.

What is ETHVerse? Meet the virtual world game built on Minecraft, powered by Ethereum. Monetize your imagination!

Algorand's announcements during the past week are increasingly bullish for ALGO as they enter the DeFi space. Surely you didn't miss them?

Lamden mainnet launches 16th September. The python blockchain lowers the entry bar for devs, enabling quick and powerful dapp development.

Aave surpasses Maker DAO with over $1.5B total value locked, announces new financial license to enable DeFi fiat onramps in the UK.

Ankr announces new Stkr Protocol, promises to change staking forever by combining DeFi, decentralized governance, rewards, and staking.

Perlin launches PerlinX, a trading platform for real-world assets tracked by synthetic assets. Will PERL be the next giant DeFi token? Let's take a dive.

Mooniswap aims to improve the designs of popular DEX protocols such as Uniswap or Curve. It reduces high slippage and provides higher earnings for liquidity providers.