Latest dExplain Crypto Newsletter: Decentralized Forex trading with Neutrino and Waves, SKALE Network, Syntropy, and Secret Network.

What is SKALE Network? A layer 2 solution for Ethereum applications for high performance and low costs, powered by SKL token.

What is Syntropy? Aims to create a privacy first user centric internet through decentralized smart traffic routing, powered by NOIA Token.

Loopring releases first zkRollup Ethereum smart wallet to send transactions instantly with zero fees. Rewards in LRC are available for users!

Elrond Staking Phase 2 mainnet upgrade is coming December 1st, rewards for Validator queue will increase, and its time to build.

What is Velas? AI powered smart contract platform which operates and updates autonomously, VLX token is for payments and staking.

Litecoin and Cardano continue to talk partnership over a Velvet Fork for Cross-Chain compatibility. Will we see DeFi and smart contracts for LTC?

What is UniBright? A blockchain for business focused project. Read through our UniBright overview and UBT token review to learn more.

What is Aergo Chain? The Blockchain for Business, designed for enterprise and government use cases. Provides LUA and SQL support in its smart contract language.

Discover Lition, the team building scalable sidechains on Ethereum that allow for privacy and GDPR compliant dApps.

What is Vite chain? VITE is a DAG based smart contract platform that enables fast cryptocurrency transactions with zero fees, along with staking rewards and more.

Why do so many blockchains rely on Sharding for Scalability? Here we take a look at what is sharding in blockchain.