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Apps like Robinhood are overloading and Binance can’t keep up with BNB withdrawals. Don’t get sucked into these trending meme coins like DOGE or SAFEMOON. In the case of Dogecoin, just 4 wallets control most of the supply. We all know it will end badly, it’s just a question of when.

Be happy for any of your friends who made some money on a gamble. This is not the moment to abandon any long-term investments based on fundamental analysis, though you shouldn’t ignore the wider market either. Bitcoin failing to reclaim 57k doesn’t look good, it’s teetering on the edge. Revisiting the 21EMA levels on the weekly timeframe doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Time to act accordingly?

If you’re in our discord, you already know we’ve been reducing exposure, planning for all the scenarios is just commonsense.

Crypto News

  • Venmo: The 70 million customers using the App can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. The payment company also plans to provide guides and videos to answer common cryptocurrency questions. Great news!
  • Ethereum: There is now over 600,000 ETH staked via Kraken on the 2.0 beacon chain, the exchange stated that it distributed 11,768 ETH in rewards so far. And that is only 15% of the total amount of ETH staked on the beacon chain, will we finally see this so-called supply crisis?
  • HSBC: Shouldn’t come as a surprise from this anti cryptocurrency bank that Coinbase stock is now on their ban list. Despite institutions largely changing their stance on crypto, HSBC seems to be sticking firmly in their old ways.
  • Doge Day: Failed with the price of DOGE dropping by over 20%. Though it did top out at 0.42 cents on 4/20 (okay it was actually $0.418888), can’t even make this up at this point – simulation is real? 

DeFi News

  • DeFi Saver: Announced the release of the Recipe Creator, which is a transaction builder for DeFi strategies. Combine multiple actions into just one transaction, much like Furucombo.
  • Balancer: V2 smart contracts for the protocol are now live on mainnet for developers, with the frontend for users is planned to go live on April 28, 2021. Learn more about farming BAL tokens from our guide.
  • KIRA Network: Entered a strategic partnership with Unmarshal with plans to collaborate around data integrity verification. The aim is to help users get away from trusting centralized API providers such as Infura.
  • EasyFi: The team suffered a targeted hack on the device used for accessing the team wallet, which controlled a large amount of the protocol’s liquidity. Over $6M lost in stablecoins and 2.98M EASY tokens.  
  • API3: Announced a ten-year development plan with the Open Bank Project, a global pioneer in the open banking industry. Amazing to see such a long-term roadmap come out of the partnership, check out our full review on API3 here.
  • StakeDAO: Released three passive staking strategies on BSC for BTC and stablecoins. Time to join the herd?
  • Mirror Protocol: Binance announced they will be listing MIR in the innovation zone. Mirror is part of the TerraUSD ecosystem so this is great news for LUNA holders also.
  • Naos Finance: Announced it had closed a private funding round raising $5.1M from several VCs such as Spartan Group, OKex Blockdream Ventures, and Huobi DeFi Labs. Naos is building a DeFi lending protocol for real-world assets, definitely one to watch!
  • Step Finance: The DeFi aggregator on Solana announced it will have a STEP token, find the tokenomics outlined here. The main idea is several of the services will have a fee in the future, fees will buy back STEP tokens. Bullish!
  • Rope: Another new project on Solana to take a look at is ROPE token, which is trading on Serum and Orca swap. The project is building a market volatility index for crypto. It’s looking ever more likely that the next DeFi mania might be a Solana Summer.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

/ …and the butterfly flew away / FRIDA KAHLO

“It was a lonely flower, joyful butterfly you landed there; then pollen from another more fragrant flower called, and the butterfly flew away.” -Frida Kahlo

This phrase refers to the painful experience of betrayal and infidelity. The artist’s husband was unfaithful with her sister, causing the artist great suffering.

NFT News

  • Polkamon: Announced a partnership and hackathon with Moralis, build a tool that interacts with the NFT Dragons using Moralis for a chance of winning a $50,000 prize pool.
  • Orion: Will collaborate with 1MillionNFTs to join NFT history in this 1000×1000 pixel grid. 1MillionNFTs currently has a triple IDO scheduled across Poolz, YellowRoad, and a2dao.
  • Digible: The world’s first NFT marketplace that’s backed by rare collectible cards, a marketplace for DeFi users looking to trade physical collectible cards. The presale for DIGI token is scheduled for Thursday 22nd April, recommend you set a reminder.
  • Coingecko: Announced NFT Spotlight, a collaborative effort with artists to share and appreciate crypto artwork. Nice!