Trend changing to Bullish?

After covering numerous DeFi protocols and trying them out, we are planning to write educational content about yield farming in the next newsletter. So don’t worry if everything is confusing, guides are coming! Meanwhile, we’re expecting a positive week for Bitcoin traders.

what is sashimiswap? Decentralized exchange and AMM by aelf aims to be fairest reward program for liquidity providers with SASHIMI tokens

What is SashimiSwap? New DEX by aelf

What is SashimiSwap? A new DEX by aelf, aims to become the fairest decentralized exchange for rewarding liquidity providers with SASHIMI tokens. Plans for cross chain DeFi!

Also take note

  • bZx Network: bZx suffered security issues for the third time, after a much anticipated re-launch. As a result, BZRX price dumped by over 30%.
  • Binance Launchpool: Users can now stake BNB or BUSD to earn Bella Protocol BEL tokens and also WING tokens for the credit based DeFi platform Wing Finance.
  • Elrond Network: Announced a Catalyst sale for EGLD tokens on Bitfinex, which will start on September 23rd. Participants will receive a 25% bonus.
  • Yearn Finance: the new product StableCredit will start its open alpha this week. Meanwhile, YFI reached a new all-time-high of $43,678 over the weekend.