vibing summer defi solana and ethereum 2.0

As discussed in our Monday issue, we should expect an increase in volatility for crypto markets today. As investors will be watching US inflation data and the US treasury’s 10-year bond auction to decide their moves. If the inflation data is poor and there is a lack of demand during the auction, then we could see BTC making some moves towards new highs. Of course, if the data is positive and demand is strong, then we might see the opposite.

On the Ethereum front, YFI’s recent moves (up 65% in 2 days) are giving off an early DeFi Summer vibe. Might be a good idea to load up on your favorite DeFi blue chips.

But, sir isn’t the top in? The market is very frothy as it appears to be in full-greed mode, especially with Binance unleashing a new meme season by listing SHIBA. It definitely, gives for an uneasy feeling, so zoom out and check BTC’s weekly 20 MA, until it’s sloping downwards – do we even need to start the discussion?

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