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This Wednesday (March 24) we will start a new rubric: Stimulus to $10k. The main purpose is to not send real-time signals or for you to blindly follow our trades but to document fundamental principles of trading crypto. Such as risk management, position size, portfolio distribution, project analysis, and gems digging. It’s going to be an interesting exercise for all of us, given the small portfolio size. Regardless of the outcome, we believe it will be beneficial for both newcomers and experienced traders. The “diary” style posts will be published daily. The newsletter will continue to be published on a regular schedule. 

Feel free to share with your less informed friends, specifically if they are just starting crypto trading. This is not investment advice, and we don’t encourage you to change your existing strategy.

Crypto News

  • Markets: Almost 6 billion dollars of options expire on 26th March. We’re starting to see options have a bigger impact on Bitcoin and Ethereum markets, could see a dip this week, so be prepared.
  • Nigeria: Crypto trading has not been banned for individuals. Nigerian Central Bank issued a statement that confirmed only banks have been barred from working with cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase: The exchange’s upcoming IPO should help with creating further adoption from investors who found crypto too mysterious or volatile to buy into.
  • Solana: Still wondering what this network is? Sino Global Capital published a thread on their reasoning for being bullish on SOL, recommend you check it out.

DeFi News

  • Venus Protocol: All of the vTokens have now been integrated into 1inch Exchange, meaning you can swap your assets without needing to withdraw from Venus. Follow our tutorial on Venus to start earning interest on your crypto immediately! 
  • Brave Wallet: Brave browser’s crypto wallet will support Binance Smart Chain natively later this year, no need to create new wallets or download extra tools. The team will explore enabling P2P tipping on BSC given the low transaction fees.  
  • Autonio: Announced a partnership with Conflux Network which will see the whole NIOX Suite being deployed on Conflux, the collaboration aims to increase awareness of NIOX in Asian markets. Read through our full review on NIOX here.
  • Curve Swaps: Yearn released a new product called Curve Swaps, which is a UI for Curve Finance that lets you create stablecoin pools for any token.
  • TurtleDex: After a highly anticipated launch the team exit scammed its users, draining the TTDX liquidity pool to steal $2.5M. Perhaps more worryingly is the protocol’s smart contracts were audited
  • MakerDAO: A proposal to raise the maximum debt ceiling on ETH from 2.5 billion to 15 billion DAI, and on WBTC from 350 million to 750 million DAI. If passed, we should see a lot more DAI in circulation. 
  • MetaMask: Mobile users can now trade tokens in one swipe using the new swap features. This feature sources the best price between multiple DEXs and can spread large orders across DEXs to reduce slippage. 
  • Pendle Finance: An upcoming DeFi protocol that enables users to tokenize their future yields and trade them today. The team announced their testnet launch over the weekend, so you can familiarize yourself with the platform.
  • Deeper Network: This team aims to build a private, secure, and fair internet powered by Polkadot. DPR token’s public sale is happening on several IDO platforms, definitely one to check out.
  • YieldApp: Announced its plans for YIELD App V2, highlights include cross-chain features and lower fees.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


If you want to love yourself, observe yourself behaving loveably.

NFT News

  • Vulcan Forged: The beta for Forge Arena is now live, users can start battling to farm NFTs in the Vulcan Vineyard.
  • Chubbies: A new NFT project, programmatically generated 10,000 cute chubbies living on Ethereum. Will this be the next Cryptopunks? Hard to say!
  • NTFX: Announced a partnership with PieDAO to build the most comprehensive NFT/Gaming index to the market. Read through our full review on PieDAO here
  • ETHGlobal: The NFTHack Finale is here, be sure to check out the list of top 10 projects from the event and add them to your research list. Projects such as Boson Pool or FUNC look very promising.  
  • Polkamon: Digital collectibles with varying scarcities, powered by Polkadot and their native PMON tokens. Given it’s backed by Moonrock Capital and Morningstar VC, we recommend you watch the project.