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Over the last couple of days we saw $1.69B stablecoins moved off derivative exchanges. Quite a rare event and open to many different interpretations. One thought is that traders believe we are in for more sideways chop and meaning more productive to deploy their capital elsewhere. Then again Total Crypto Market Cap is signaling we may break the downtrend?

Perhaps people are preparing their MetaMask balance for DeFi Summer 2.0? Gas prices have gone down significantly. And don’t forget Andre Cronje has multiple new protocols up his sleeve waiting to be deployed…

P.s. sorry for missing Friday’s issue, some unexpected things happening IRL – you know how it is! Might be less active for next week or so, playing it day by day.

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NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


Playing stupids games, and you’ll get stupids answers. This Whack-a-mole game will requiring you patience and determination.

NFT News

  • Marvel: An exclusive Marvel Cards auction happened on DodoEX, created by KAKA NFT World. There are only 5337 of these Marvel-themed NFTs so collectors might be trying to grab them fast!
  • Mintbase: Check out their new marketplace UI, very sleek! Also fixed their minting error on Ethereum, so get creating why gas fees are low.
  • Ethlings: Published their security audit for the 4 separate smart contracts that power the project. Ethlings are NFTs that remain forever customizable, collectors can choose to change aspects of their Ethling such as different shoes or sunglasses.
  • XP Network: Published an interesting read around Underlying asset ownership vs. NFT ownership, tries to get to the bottom of a major question in the industry – do we own them? Let us know your take on our community discord.