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MicroStrategy 2021 conference today; Visa is launching an API that will allow every bank customer to offer Bitcoin through their existing services; Google trends are showing a huge spike in buy crypto searches.

We noticed euphoria is too high, winning for weeks – doesn’t feel right. With all this positive news, don’t fall into the trap.

Don’t forget Chinese New Year next Friday there is still a chance of another 25% correction. Do you remember how to short sell? Unless you’re from South Korea – keep your gun loaded.

Crypto News

DeFi News

  • Dexe Network: The decentralized social trading platform released wallet to wallet copy trading. It enables you to copy trades on any tokens you like following any ERC-20 wallet. You can even automatically sell if an asset is losing liquidity to avoid being rug pulled! 
  • CrescoFin SA: This project is a regulated Swiss company that aims to replace core banking products with code. A decentralized interest-bearing deposit account with higher rates than a bank. Looks like a fluid transition from CeFi to DeFi, native token is CRES, one to watch! 
  • AAVE: CEO drops a hint that there may soon be a debit card connected to your Aave balance, effectively creating a true DeFi bank alternative.  
  • Polkamarkets: An upcoming prediction market platform powered by Polkadot which will feature NFTs and DeFi, with the main focus on esports. This project is backed by Moonrock Capital, make sure you check it out!  
  • DAOVentures: An automated money-manager that aims to make onboarding into DeFi smooth and frictionless. The team is building on Polkadot, with the DVG token sale happening on 18th February via Polkastarter.
  • Evolution Finance: A new DeFi lending protocol (think AAVE or Venus) with a wide range of assets, all of the top 50 blockchain coins are listed. Its native token EVN features locked liquidity and is non-inflationary.
  • keyTango: This is another project building a product for easy DeFi access which should launch in Q1 2021. Part of the DuckDAO incubator program, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of hype around TANGO soon enough.
  • Bot OceanAlgorithmic trading tools and bots for everyone, the platform will feature bots with 100s of strategies to choose from. Plus users trade from their own wallet, so no need to give up access to funds. The team just announced a successful private sale for the BOT token, so watch out for the public round.
  • Ribbon Finance: Announced it was working on a way to combine options from Hegic and Opyn to easily enable users to hedge their positions against extreme market volatility. Not live yet! 
  • Akropolis: Integration of Yearn’s yVaults are now live on Delphi, these vaults include assets such as HEGIC, DAI, and steCRV. Read through our review of AKRO to learn more.

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.


NFT News

  • BattleRacers: Launched their first NFTs on Matic Network, with the first 20 collectibles being sold instantly. With the layer2 solution live, users can now trade items from the game without incurring massive network fees.
  • Hashmask: It looks like some of these NFTs can be put together, meaning there is some sort of treasure hunt afoot. The team even tweeted that collectors should be looking closer. What does it mean? Time will tell!
  • Illuvium: An upcoming collection and battle game that will launch on the Layer2 scaling solution Immutable in Q3. Could be the next Axie Infinity? One to watch!