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Guess we’re calling this one Biden’s dip? Stock markets took a hit after reports came out that the President may raise capital gains tax. That being said, the world’s economy continues to re-open and jobless claims are going down.

Also never forget: not your keys, not your coins. The founder of the Turkish exchange Thodex was reported to have fled the country with over $2 billion of user’s funds. Recommend sticking to top-tier exchanges such as FTX or Binance, and why not move some long-term holds to your wallet? Can never be too safe in the world of crypto.

Crypto News

  • Ethereum: Hit a new all-time high yesterday above $2,560 with its market cap nearing 300 billion. Then proceeded to take a 12% drop, until finding support on the 4H 200EMA level. Bullish until we lose that trend!
  • Coinbase: Announced a large expansion into India and hired Google Pay’s Pankaj Gupta to lead the operation. Also mentioned plans to explore startup acquisition to boost crypto growth in the region. Plus, Coinbase Pro has approved support for Ethereum based USDT – surely this is the end of all Tether FUD for good?
  • Cuba: The country has been exploring cryptocurrency since 2019 and now made an official statement to adopt crypto as part of its economic policy. It’s thought this might be to help improve their economy despite the sanctions imposed by the US.
  • JP Morgan: Reportedly the monster investment firm is hiring Ethereum and blockchain developers. Historically the institution has had a harsh stance on cryptocurrencies, calling it a fraud, so this seems to be a complete change of stance.
  • Algorand: The team pledged to become the greenest blockchain on the planet in partnership with its CO2 emissions transparency and traceability firm Climate Trade. 

DeFi News

NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Eternal Doom

”Man upon this earth must expect everything and ought to face everything… However, Doom shall assist you, because Doom wills it.”

NFT News